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ATTENTION: Everybody’s body is different! For most, running extra miles may create a desirable look for others. On the other hand, from my experience ( and y…
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KroxiGore07 says:

? What do you want to tell me?

wladius says:

I haven’t caught that either but after some googling I think might be
“Epsom salt”.

ThatOddNerd says:

I subscribed only for that lushes hair haha. Great advice! =D

Grey Wolf says:

Another thing that goes along with what you were saying about water
displacement and measuring weight loss, is that people need to make sure
that they’re always weighing themselves at the same time. Weighing in
before each workout when you’re properly&hydrated would be a great time.
Your body has a good balance and you won’t have to worry about water
displacement issues from a heavy or lighter workout from day to day. The
main thing is make a plan and keep it consistent!

austin2466 says:

U watching this lil skinny fat patna dorcey hernandez? Get with it u greasy
lil football!

Roli KTF says:

Omar,you look like Connor Kenway from Assassin’s Creed III

miltonw says:

If can be possible that i’m losing weight on rest days?

Div Bra says:


screwmanx says:

Italy. look at Fabio.

TheKaan14 says:

what do you say at 3:43.

zobozoa says:

It would be a shame for you not to build muscle when other people are able
to burn off fat so easily using Lean Body Maximizer (Look it up on google).

jsvaldes88 says:

Don’t listen to these non bros. Your hair is badass.

rasel ahmed says:

Hey there! Have you ever tried – Astra Gain Lose Solution (Have a quick
look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some unbelivable
things about it and my coworker got amazing results with it. 

Shiva Phuyal says:

For me the talk about fast and healthy and forever weight loss will always
lead to ExprezSliminizer. Coz of it i’ve lost 10 kgs for a family function
i have to attend next month. Try out ExprezSliminizer and i guarantee you
amazing results.

david san agustin says:

I can trust this advice because Omar has been fat before.

Jo Gaz says:


prem kilambu says:

To anyone who wants to get ripped some day. Go Google Ready Set Ripped to
find out more.

krishna pramod says:

To regular people who want to lose weight–but can’t get started. Copy And
paste Into Google Fat Blast Furnace right away.

Pat Cyr says:

It’s great it depletes you of Protons and Ions and I lost 3 bazzilion
pounds in the last 3,147 weeks. Wow. BlaBla Amazing Results, I have abs on
my back!

WiseLoneWolf kol says:

minor bump ?ive been stuck at 160 for like 2 months.man does it suck..

caitlin chesser says:


Gina K says:

Same I don’t eat breakfast either 

Lesley Hernandez says:

Gabi what are your favorite songs to work out to?

Matilda Jännebring says:

you have the cutest voice ever ^-^

Hailey Alderink says:

I drink a glass of ice water in the morning, cus it fills u up, and I
refreshes u

Starburst Mia says:

Can you do a house tour !? 

Crash7103 says:

“I’m not really the healthiest person out there”
Hey you said it.

bruceyJnr says:

squat technique/10….

Heidi Price says:

Leave her alone. Someone probably has requested for this video so she’s
done it to please her subscribers if you don’t like it click off the
video.Its ridiculous how some people have nothing better to do then just be
nasty ok your can have your opinion but if your truly don’t like what she
said or did then don’t watch! 

Ariana Grandes says:

That thigh gap tho. No hate

Ohhits Nat says:

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but whatever you like to do

bec jane says:

i love this video, thankyou for uploading :)

Reimi Robinson says:

It looks wronge


do u and niki live together
i was just wondering 

Samuel Hoskins says:

Diet plans you should try and how to make Gluten free deserts:

Vanessa Rodriguez says:

I dont know why i find gabi doing push ups in fast mode makes me laugh

Bailey B says:

shes so real i love it

CrazyChinaChick says:

Her crotch was making me feel uncomfortable lol.

atika azouz says:

what butt lolol.

mrslefleurrr says:

lol what running more than 2miles a weeks makes your legs bulky?!
Please don’t give such advice when you don’t know anything about exercise

edwin luch says:

I don’t eat breakfast too

AyeeItsRebeccaLynn says:

Could You Please Do An Updated One ? Thank You .

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