10 Tips for Healthy Eating For Diabetics Health foods for diabetics

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10 Tips for Healthy Eating for Diabetics | Healthy Foods for diabetics

1. Sorting the Right Source of Carbohydrates
Carbohydrates are indeed needed by the body as a source of energy, but for people with diabetes, this type of food needs to be avoided, and not consumed with high levels. Because carbohydrates will affect glucose levels in the blood, so that it will aggravate the disease you are suffering from.
Carbohydrates are still needed by people who have diabetes, but make sure these foods are consumed in a limited manner. Choose foods that have low carbohydrate levels such as wheat, brown rice, sweet potatoes, beans and other low-carb foods. Instead, avoid low-fiber foods such as white bread, white rice, and cereals.

2. Do not use excessive salt
Salt is one of the core food ingredients that is almost always used by people as a food flavoring. But people with diabetes must feel special because they should not eat a lot of salt, or eat foods that contain high levels of salt.
Because if these restrictions are violated, you will open up opportunities for high blood pressure, then it will continue to risk heart disease and stroke. Pay attention to the composition of the food, do not let you carelessly eat snacks and eat foods that are high in salt. Think that there are still many delicious foods available in the world that don’t always have to use a lot of salt.

3. Reducing the portion of red meat and processed foods
Avoid eating large portions of red meat, or other processed meat foods such as ham, bacon, sausages, beef and lamb. Because, if diabetics consume these foods, he indirectly has opened opportunities for further serious illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.
As a substitute for meat and processed foods, you can eat a variety of nuts that are high in protein and don’t really affect your blood glucose levels. This type of food will also make your stomach full without having to eat white rice or meat.

4. Prioritizing Consumption of Vegetables
Vegetables can be very delicious if processed creatively. So, you don’t need to be discouraged when you can’t eat the meat or rice that you normally eat before you get sick. Instead you have to accept your current condition, then please it by enjoying delicious foods made from vegetables and fruit. This type of food will also be able to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

5. Prioritize Vegetable Fat
you can replace the portion of food containing animal fat with vegetable fat, aka fat derived from plants. Among the types of foods that contain vegetable fats include unsalted nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish, olive oil, rapeseed oil and sunflower oil.

6. Reduce Consumption of Additional Sugar
Besides salt, sugar is also one of the must-have flavors for a number of foods and drinks. But for those of you with diabetes, avoid using extra sugar. Instead, you can get a sweet taste from natural sugar that comes from a number of vegetables and fruit. You are also strongly advised not to make juice from sweet fruit, then mix it with a little sugar.

7. Selectively Choose Snacks
People with diabetes also have the right to eat snacks, but the portion and selection must be selective and limited. You can choose yogurt, fresh beans, seeds, fruits and vegetables and similar foods.

8. Avoid drinking alcohol
Alcohol is a high calorie drink so you are strongly discouraged from consuming it. Instead of looking for alcohol, you better replace it by drinking yogurt or fresh fruit.

9. Don’t Recklessly Take Supplements
There are many supplement offers that promise healing for people with diabetes. But in responding to these offers, you have to be really selective and not to disturb your very good diet agenda. Instead of dissolving into doubt, you are better off avoiding supplements whose efficacy is not yet clear, because they might actually make your illness worse.

10. Exercise Discipline
Enhance your diet by exercising regularly. Because, this activity will help you manage glucose levels in the blood, and reduce the risk of heart disease. Discipline of course exercise will also make your body fitter.


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