13 Killer Tricep Exercises for your Arm Workouts

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


Sean S says:

Fantastic tabata workout! Thank you so much for posting this!

Jez LynxAcat says:

I scored 18 today. Is that good? I find the crunches hard on my lower back.
I try my best to do them but only had a high total of 8, low of 5. I was
pretty impressed with the pushups. Being a woman, I can do a high of 8. I
will try to beat myself next week. I dont think I can do this more than

Luvcrossfit says:

Was an awesome workout! Thnx!

Michal Kuba says:

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xenia georgiou says:

hard..but awesome…

juanito alvarez says:

this is amazing

iMdaAsSasin says:

Coach can you do a video on lower arm exercises cause i cant find one on
the channel !!!

Ibrahim Benkenane says:

do u want to kill me or something?

T Lacey says:

Great videos and AWESOME dedication to fitness. HASfit rocks, no question
about it. Thanks for kicking my ass into gear on the days that I wanna drag
it 🙂

Sara Emara says:

Got me sore for 2 days now, more of this!!

Ananth Narayanan says:

push up score – 17
squat score – 15
abs – 18

Airy Ellis says:

holy @(&#HJ
hard but awesome!!!

InTh3Nam30fL0v3 says:

hmm.. very nice.. 🙂
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solution program u posted that offered
by the site:
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*of course, put dots in place of spaces ~ I hate the new YT filters! :(*
and I lost 100lbs in 31weeks w/c was 12lbs more than
my goal. the bomb!!

seantherockstar says:

Coach Kozak!! You rock!! Awesome workout!!

AtheistCuddles says:

I have gotten 8 on pushups, 16 on squats (I do them as squat jumps), and 12
on the abs for a total of 36 every time I have done this, I just can’t seem
to beat that score. Great workout.

heiner1504 says:


Purdey jane says:

LOVE THIS! thanks coach Kozak!

Liam Thisis says:

wow that was intense. Score:42
Push ups: 15
Squats: 15

Tajinder Singh says:

you are best

Patrick Bateman says:

Mike chang is getting ridiculousy annoying. Like if you agree.

Monty Toby says:

Very nice video! Keep it up and thanks for doing great videos!!!

Mohit Sharma says:

Sure… It gonna help alot bro…. Thanks..!

Arif Ahmed says:

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quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some
unbelivable things about it and my sister got cool payoff with it

sudarshan venkataiah says:

For who ever is asking or wondering if you have to do all the 13 triceps
workouts in a one workout regime .. you should be mad .. coz tricep is a
small muscle 13 workouts for that muscle you are gonna hurt it like very
bad.. these are workouts that can be done on triceps as a whole.. but you
got to pick 3 or maximum 4 for a single workout regime .. 🙂 


It was awesome and helpful!

ritu pun says:

it was not what i expected

Milesh Shrestha says:

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Lalit Nangia says:

……….. nice to see .. 

Soccercrazyigboman says:

When he is doing the cable and dumbell kickback, is it okay for him to
swing like that?

HARI RAJ.A.R says:

whers skull crusher? is there an order for this routine?

UltimateWarrior206 says:

Great workouts. Motivational video

Duane SIDER says:

mahn great stuff…… !!!

Usman Sarwar says:

Hands down the best trainer on youtube..

Carolina Rodrigues says:

Perfect videos for people who don’t have the time for all the bs chatter. I
am a fan. only thing brad, some bad camera angles- too much close-up –
can’t see your full form on the exercise. At 1:30, I can’t tell if you’re
on a bench, or how you are in that position. For your leg video, I can’t
see the full form on your legs either for lunges. I know how they are
supposed to be done on that one, but still would be nice to see exactly how
the pros do it. Thank you for your videos.

darknaster88 says:

but you forgot the barbell excecises with tricep

Vincent Williams says:

GOOD STUFF! You have inspired me in so many ways.
Thanks a million!

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