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Today’s video was built exclusively with the best standing exercises, creating a super-practical series that can be performed anywhere!

Children also have their favorite types of exercises and certainly a group of them will truly enjoy this new workout!

Good luck and make sure to subscribe to the channel if you want to receive new video workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Let’s begin the workout!💪
00:00 Overhead Reach
00:34 Side Leg Raise Right
01:33 Side Leg Raise Left
02:30 Rest
03:08 Diagonal Abs Right
03:56 Diagonal Abs Left
04:45 Rest
05:17 Donkey Kicks Right
06:14 Donkey Kicks Left
07:11 Rest
07:43 Waist Pinchers Right
08:28 Waist Pinchers Left
09:12 Rest
09:45 Ski Hops
10:16 Rest
11:04 Overhead Reach
11:38 Side Leg Raise Right
12:37 Side Leg Raise Left
13:34 Rest
14:12 Diagonal Abs Right
15:00 Diagonal Abs Left
15:49 Rest
16:21 Donkey Kicks Right
17:18 Donkey Kicks Left
18:15 Rest
18:48 Waist Pinchers Right
19:32 Waist Pinchers Left
20:16 Rest
20:49 Ski Hops

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