DIET PLAN FOR TEENAGERS to lose WEIGHT in just 2 WEEKS 😱|| loss upto 6-10 kg in 2 weeks💯 GUARANTEE

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Hello my dear teens.♡

🔴TEENAGERS workout:

I’m sharing a proper diet plan for u my cuties ..
In last video all you were seem so excited..and eager to weightloss..
So ,here I’m with a new and a special diet plan for y small teens.

●NOTE: DIET FOR 13, 14 ,15,16 ,17 YEARS OLD kids

♡age group..: 18 , 19 years and above , you can follow my strict diet plan video to lose 10 kg in 2 weeks plan.

●Link :

Teens as you all are super active and u have a very strong metabolism..
It’s really easy for u to lose weight very fast.

If u will follow my diet for 2 weeks..without any cheat diet in between..
Then you are going to come up with a fit slim body after the lockdown, and that’s my promise to u my teens.💯

♡Take this challenge from right now, today and comment below that I’m ready for the diet.
Update your progress after every week…that u have any changes or not.

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Tag me your progress on Instagram.
Use this hashtag:

☆Workout video will be updated up next so don’t worry.
Do this diet for 1 hour exercise. You will get the results very soon♡

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Thank you so much
Love u all
My teens

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