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All about how to fast diet fitness exercise lose weight.
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Stair Stepper Cardio Workout for MAXIMUM FAT LOSS

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Ryan Deffley says:

Just find a good set of stairs with a lot of flights out in the real world.
Buy a weighted vest. I would recommend 20-40lbs. Strap it on. Then proceed
to climb the stairs taking a wider stride skipping a step in between. This
will mirror a lunge. Climbing several flights of stairs in this fashion
with added resistance will not only tax your cardiovascular system harder
than anything else, but it also offers strength and development you would
get from squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc..

Clark Danger says:

@vclonev Probably a good thing. I’m telling you, fat burners and stimulants
work great short term, but have a high risk of dependency and aren’t worth
it. Try the tips I gave to @UpperCuttingAGiraffe below and let me know if
they help. Thanks for the support brother!

David Mulderij says:

Kut hoer

Clark Danger says:

@UpperCuttingAGiraffe Expensive caffeine. I would strongly advise you
staying away from stimulants and fat burners. Replace pre workout with
coffee and morning energy drinks with cold showers (at least 3 min if you
can take it). Trust me, in the long run that will work WAY better for fat
loss and energy! Don’t get sucked into the marketing like I did my dude!
Hope that helps. Thanks for the support!

Vinodh Krishnan says:

OxyElite Pro got banned in australia =(

CJ Coleman says:

where r u going to find that?, n people will find it weird if theres a
sweaty person randomly walking up n down the steps

Michael Heffner says:

Even though you have a gay shirt on, I respect the fact that you tell
things like they are and you don’t bullshit at all. That’s great you give
honest advice man nowadays in the world we live in everybody wants a magic
pill or an easy fix but go back to the basics and honest opinions and you
get the most.

UpperCuttingAGiraffe says:

Whats your opinion on fat burner tablets like OxyELITE pro?

Jake Speck says:

This is like the third video I’ve seen you in with that tank top. I have to
buy one now.

Ryan Deffley says:

There are stairs all over the place. You just have to find them. Secondly,
who gives a shit about what others think? I train clients of mine outside
all the time in parks, on stairs, in playgrounds, etc.. Trust me, no one
cares what you are doing because everyone is too concerned with themselves.

418xhad says:

Go Google Morsch Muscle Madness to discover the thousands of ordinary
people who got ripped who never thought they could.

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