FULL DAY OF EATING VLOG / easy + healthy + weight talk

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hi guys💘 another *what I eat in a day* video 🍑

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thanks so much for your constant support❤️

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DISCLAIMER, these meals work for ME, not all bodies are the same, find out what works for you and go from there! Also! Not everyone’s macros are the same! So if you want to check out your macros click the link 🙂 (no spons btw, just trying to help lol)

➡️ MEALS ..
•1 slice of Dave’s killer bread
•I cannot believe it’s butter *vegan*
•cup of coffee

•~ 2 cups of Kale/spinach mix
•1 banana
•1up nutrition peanut butter vegan protein
•~ 4 strawberry’s
•Braille whole wheat pasta, 56g
•1 whole zucchini
•one serving of ground turkey (I added a bit of onion to flavor it a bit)
•Cusina artica tomato basil marinara sauce, 1 cup

•~5 cups of kale/spinach mix
•half an apple
•4 strawberries
•Nut trail mix, chopped up

•Dave’s killer bread bagel (only half)
cinnamon raisin mix
•vegan cream cheese from Trader Joe’s!💘

Disclaimer: this video is sponsored by vanity planet.


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