Mens Health : Belly Off Workout The Body Weight Routine.part 1

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By Men’s Health Magazine, this mostly body-sculpting program requires no extra equipment (you’ll use your own body weight for resistance). It features gym-st…

Home Fat Loss Workout - Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat at Home

At you will learn some of the best home fat loss workout exercises to lose stomach fat at home. If you are serious about increa…


michael bloom says:

Hey man I I watch one your video can you put up more exercises for us to do
plus your video makes me really wanna lose weight cos I get called fat alot

Kerim Gleeson says:

I’m 11 and I done this so if any of you are older wow you must be weak as
shit I’m doing this every day now. 

Michael Bendlin says:

I’ve been doing this exact workout now for 1 week and already notice a
small improvement 

Kian Bahrami says:

I’ve got quite a big stomach. With a good diet, how longish will it take to
lose it?

specta marks says:

Could you do this after a jog? 

Da Law says:

Hey Mike I like this channel where you do actual tutorials that work
extremely well. But the Six Pack Shortcuts channel doesn’t really include
too much tutorials so I’m just wondering if you could do more tutorial
videos and upload them to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel. 

Ben Dover says:

Wow man i gotta hand it to you , ive been doing these exercises that you
show in these videos for about two weeks now and i can totally feel a
difference 🙂 Gonna keep checking out your videos , thanks man ! 

Abi Cummings says:

I have lost 40 pounds in the past but now I have loose the loose fat left
over, so if I do this will it help get rid of the lose fat if I do it for a
couple Of months and 3 times a week?

Frederik Bek says:

should i do it a week? And is it even possible?

Vidhya Sagar says:

Hey Hero,
Thanks a lot for an amazing video.
I am thin but have a little tummy.
Will I get hurt if I do more than 3 times a week? shouldn’t I do 5
times/week or everyday?
When I am doing this exercise, I am feeling burning/pain on my sides of my
waist but not on my tummy? Is it like that or am I doing wrong?
Your help is highly appreciated.

Giovanni Munguia says:

Can you still get a six pack if you’ve had your appendix taken out? 

SuperDoosh96 says:

I’m a little confused. So does this routine actually target fat loss or is
it just an ab workout?? 

Hannah Raveneau says:

Lol I’m a girl and I’m gonna do this

Stu Wright says:

like the vid, not the music tho!

NBK TV says:

Your title is false it says burn fat but you told us we have to burn fat to
see abs? Make a vid on burning belly fat first would ya?

colonydude says:

Hi I’m almost 16 and weigh 195, I do heat a lot of junk and plan on slowing
down immediately before it gets out of hand. Any suggestions that could
possibly help with my situation ?

InsaneFatLossGuy says:

OK guys… I am having a lot of comments on the video… I do not have time
to respond all…its like thousands emails every week, I approve only few
and less to respond, since I have a lot of stuff to do and workout 🙂 So
please forgive me, here is my answer to a lot of you for once… you asked
about if this alone works or if you need a diet to follow, or what foods to
eat. Please any healthy meal plan will do. BUt after couple weeks of
research I decided to post video of my friend Brian, who developed the 3
week diet — 3 Week Diet Review – The Fastest Way To Lose Weight In 3
Weeks – How Does It Work? that stuff works and with this crazy exercises or
my program at you will not need anything
else. Because it really works…I get a lof of comments how just the
exercises helped, but with Brians 3 week diet, you will change. So stop
whining and do something for yourself. You either want it or not. I just do
not have the time to answer to all….

Ahmed ELsheikh says:

Copy And paste Into Google Morsch Muscle Madness to discover out how a new
discovery made an ordinary guy buff.

Chunky Lafunga says:

Total utter bollocks. No good if you if you have a 6 pack under 3 inches of
body fat. All people have ‘toned’ stomachs the only thing is you can’t see
them. Stop this nonsense you need to burn calories off and there is no
instant fix.

Markus H says:

Fuck this! I just lift heavy shit.

Fitness4London says:

Great workout, I do variations of these with my clients. You can add
resistance with a pair of ankle/wrist weights.

tenda man says:

If you seriously want to lose fat quickly, you should google Nifty Fat
Blaster. They can help you get the body you deserve.

Andrew Black says:

Good workout, Really gets the heart rate pumpin, Subbed

Great Life40 says:

Coach you are a big man. Love it. 

Naruto Uchiha says:

these comments are really emberrassing. stop posting commercial of any
pharma shit. if u need to built up muscle, if u dont want to poisen urself
with some steroids, there is no other way than working out. thanks to this
workout i lost 17kg in the last 3 months

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