THE POWER of WATERMELON and Ginger for Health !! Best Healthy Food
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A local woman tells us how her healthy hobby – along with some improved eating habits – helped her to lose weight and live healthier. Plus, we learn why having fun is a key part [More]
Yet another workout in the perfect workout series. Today we are doing a 4 exercise back workout. This will totally destroy you back and give you a crazy pump. If you want a thick back [More]
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A new study from Vanderbilt University found just how much package labeling influences how consumers purchase food and beverage products.
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Exercise can be a key part to managing Parkinson’s Disease – just ask Ed McCaskey Jr. We’re checking out how it’s making a difference in his life and in the lives of many other patients.
Are you ready to get a full body makeover? Good! Try this at home full body workout to sculpt your abs, arms, back, butt, chest, core, glute, hips, legs, shoulders, thighs and more! Complete details [More]
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Did you know that our core involves more muscles than many of us think about? It’s important for women especially to have a strong core, so Jackie Bender is headed to ENRGI Fitness to try [More]
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