The BEST Exercise for V Cut Abs (GET RIPPED OBLIQUES!)

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Whats going on guys! In this video I take you through 3 steps you can take to get those v-line obliques! Don’t worry if you’re a beginner or advanced as there is a move everyone can start with and use!

Beginner Level 1 – Floor Wipers with Bent Leg
Intermediate Level 2 – Floor Wipers with Straight Leg
Advanced Level 3 – Hanging Windshield Wipers

Practice each move and as you progressively get better at level 1, try out level 2, once you’re good with level 2 try out the windshield wipers! If you can already do windshield wipers, challenge yourself or a friend to do more reps!

Try these out and let me know if they helped you down below! If you liked the video, consider tapping that share button and sending it to a friend to try it out as well!

See you next video!

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