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Healthy Eating Diet No Nos

Diana reveals dieting No Nos, the most frequently Round food question and why starving yourself makes you fatter. I hope you Subscribe!!! ROUNDORAMA Blog: roundorama.com Vote for me on RealityWanted.com: www.realitywanted.com TWITTER: twitter.com THE ROUND DIET Book: tinyurl.com
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madcapping1 says:

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Joseph Henry Stevens says:

I’ve been looking for different option that could help me lose weight and I would like to verify if you heared something about the formula that will give you the same effect of having the actual gastric bypass surgery. I got this info from howtofightobesityrocalabsreview.blogspot.com- I want to know if one of you heard something about it.

KyleAsaff says:

just made this, im surprised how well this worked – tastes great

chadomaniac says:

i made it and it was far from a success can you use fat free milk ?? ended up sticking it in the freezer for an hour 

ws6guy02 says:

you think he looks good? LOL desperate

SkepsisDub says:

BS I bet you look like the fat from a steak

ws6guy02 says:

lmfaooooo.. Im a firefighter and on top of that work out 6x’s a week… i couldnt get fat even if i wanted to… but i bet you look like the fat from a steak 😉

cccchuq says:

As much extra useless shit he adds in I feel like i should go ahead and just eat all damn day and do no training whatsoever.

cccchuq says:

You know, seems ALOT easier to just put the ice cream in then dump protien powder in. WTF is up with everyone these days? Making things more compicated just so you can look credible for people that watch. Atleast thats what it looks like to me. HEY PEOPLE JUST DUMP SOME PROTIEN POWDER IN SOME ICECREAM! SEE HOW SHORT AND QUICK THAT WAS? You waste our time that we cannot get back!

Amber Magnolia says:

I made this today, and it was delicious! Not exactly like ice cream, but it’s a great alternative. Eat it fast though, because it melts quickly. 🙂

BenKaHi55 says:

if your not fussy about your macros, go ahead 😀

cccchuq says:

stfu about macros. a diet is for physique, not to pleasure all you fatass’ with cake and burgers. You get your macros then you keep eating clean. You pigs disgust me. You’ll never look like me. 179lbs, 6% bf bitches! WHOS ALPHA?

buzzcocksfan1 says:

hi mike do you need to put salt in the ice bag? or can you do it all without salt?

leanbodylifestyle says:

Yes, it makes the inner bag freeze. This is a really old video so I can’t remember exactly what it does, but you do need it.

buzzcocksfan1 says:

ah alright thanks! ps love the videos, keep up the good work!!

444719abcx says:

Casein is not goog for health. How can you make the promotion for that shit product…

oOBashoROo says:

can you back this up with valuable studies?

doomace says:

Actually… if you’re too lazy to do all that, just get 1.5 servings of natural yogurt and mix in with a scoop of casein protein. Taste/feels like ice-cream. Works for me 🙂

999osma1 says:

Can i use whey instead of casein for this recipe ?

hexpertube says:

Hi, have you thought about this plan called the Max Muscle Method? (google it). My mate says it gets people bulging with muscle.

HrMerrlol says:


amaterasu159357 says:


DetectiveDaggerz says:

i hope you’re joking man lol, if not then a quick google search will show you that stevia is a natural sweetener thats easily available in most stores 🙂

macarari says:


jaredpinney says:

Mike, does it need to be casein? thanks

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