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Korean Beauty + Lose Weight || Subliminal

Head shape like sora_ppp (slim oval head shape)  
Jaw line like sora_ ppp (sharp L-Jaw line) 
Lips like sora_ppp (smooth lips, her lip shape) 
Have freckles
Have bigger eyes 
Beautiful side profile 
Have clear, even skin (no acne, smooth skin, even skin tone, glowing dewy skin, get rid of dark circles) 
Have korean cat eyes with defined double eyelids ~ desired eyes
Lose face fat
Nose like sora_ppp (small, thin nose, visible nose bridge) 

Be 140 pounds 
Lose chest, arm, stomach, and leg fat 
Have a fast metabolism 
Have no appetite for unhealthy food 
Love healthy food
Have an extremely flat stomach 
Have a toned tight stomach 
Have an extremely small waist 
Have narrow feminine shoulders 
Have slim toned arms 
Have smaller boobs 
Have round beautiful hips (no hip dips) 
No pubic hair
Have a lifted cute little butt 
Longer legs 
Have toned, slim healthy thighs with a thigh gab 
Lose calve fat, slim sexy calves

Look amazing in photos and videos 
Take amazing photos and videos 
Gain fashionable, cute clothes and shoes 
Have amazing fashion sense

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