#1 The Dukan Diet – Attack Phase 1 Day 1 of 70 lb weight loss. Lets see how it works.

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Today, January 05 2012, I begin the controversial high protein fat burning Dukan Diet plan. This is a short video of what I cooked today and how I cooked eno…


Scottyraptor says:

@FoxyMamaX3 For the first 5-7 days (depending on how much weight you want
to lose) you go on the “Attack” diet. It’s pretty much all protein. There’s
not really any vegetables included in it.

waddidusay says:

onions are considered a condiment not a vegetable. If you are concerned
don’t eat a whole onion a day. Just chop up a quarter and use it for flavor.

Fell Bra says:

Anyway, I never thought about cooking protein in water actually might do
that with certain things – good idea!

waddidusay says:

@leodicapriofan1901 aH Ha! see I would have never guessed that from the
spelling!! thanx.

TheRealBronweN says:

Have you ever thought of maybe not frying everything?? Fried food is a big
part of what’s been causing obesity in North America…

waddidusay says:

@waddidusay I have to update this comment. I have now heard it said in
French by many members now including Dr Dukan himself and they pronounce it
it as gah let. Whatever it is, I tend to call it a brancake 🙂

waddidusay says:

ummm, seriously? Frying in water is not what causes obesity. If I was
pouring oil or butter in my pan or deep frying, I would understand your
comment. But I don’t. It is water you see in the pan, not oil. I actually
say this in the video. And I think you missed the part where I use a
pressure cooker.

leodicapriofan1901 says:

galette = ja lay 🙂

Fell Bra says:

I tried it whilst adding spices to the water. Brilliant! Going to do this
more often!

Morriagana says:

I have gained a little, I came off it over Xmas and have just really
restarted, plus I wanted to give my body a rest from it. I am blown away at
how quickly it works tho

waddidusay says:

buy oat bran. it usually can be found in the natural foods section or
cereal section.

bigjayinga says:

Great job, thanks for that update

Let there be light says:

You should try and eat every 3-4 hours. It helps your metabo to go up. Also
it keeps your brain an belly busy from thinking extra about food that is
not good for you. You should also try not to buy anything with flavourings
in it.Add it your selv. : – )

Arpis Arpis says:

cooking meat in already burned broth is very unhealthy, it causes cancer,
this diet help to loose weight, but if you won’t take care of eating the
same dishes in a healthy way after very short time you can face health

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