10 Simple Fat Loss Tips | How To Stick To A Diet

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10 Simple Fat Loss Tips | How To Stick To A Diet

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In this video men’s style, grooming and fitness expert, Aaron Marino of http://www.iamalpham.com, talks about 10 tips to lose body fat and stick to a diet. If you stick to these ten tips to lose body fat and reduce your body fat, you will see progress. The secret to losing body fat and reducing your weight is sticking to a diet. This video will give you ten ideas on how to stick to your diet and achieve results.

Body fat – everyone either has tried to lose it, is in the process of losing it, or lost it and unfortunately found it again. Are you attempting to slim down to get your fine ass even finer? Aaron Marino of alpha m. is giving ten fat loss tips to lose body fat, and stick to a diet. If you want someone to blow smoke up your ass, Alpha isn’t doing it!

Only 10% of fat loss has to do with exercise. 90% is the diet, and it’s the tough part. Diet is something you have to pay attention to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1. Diet plan – You need to prepare and have a plan that is thought out and structured.
2. Preparation – Prepare meals ahead of time in mass quantity so your diet doesn’t get sabotaged.
3. Get rid of the crappy food in your house – if the stuff isn’t there, you’re not going to eat it.
4. Limit the amount you eat out – if you aren’t aware of the food preparation process, you aren’t aware of the added fat, preservatives, and salt added. If you do eat out, decide online what you want before you go and don’t even open the menu when you’re at the restaurant.
5. Drink a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of water a day – you can flavor with lemon
6. Don’t live-and-die by the number on the scale – fluctuations will happen but a consistency downward direction is necessary. Weigh once to twice a week.
7. Think of it as a lifestyle change and modification – this is not short term! It’s changing your habits.
8. Don’t focus on the calories you’re consuming – focus on the quality calories you are consuming.
9. Give yourself the freedom to cheat ‘every once-in-awhile’ – indulge once or twice a week. Indulge doesn’t mean going nuts and freakin’ crazy.
10. If you fall off the weight-loss horse, dust yourself off and get back on – the successful people don’t beat themselves off. It’s hard but you’re the only one that matters. You may fall off 27 freakin’ times, but it only takes 1 time to ride that puppy into the sunset. You just need to give yourself permission to succeed.

Alpha recommends Garcina Cambogia. He uses it to keep his blood sugar level and to control his cravings (especially for breads). It works for him, and if you want a kick in the fat loss rear-end, you can try it. Be careful of what you buy. Alpha gets them from Vita-Goods. The quality is solid.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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OutsetBoom Entertainment says:
Houston soomo says:

I’m now in a diet for 3 months now and I’m 6feet tall and 160 ponds I was
200 pounds back in the Summer so I lost a lot I don’t do exercise at all
lol all I do Is eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables ,Fish, oh and
it’s important to eat a good breakfast every day drink lots of water and
quit drinking Coke I automatically lost 10 pounds without coke and I I
drink lots of home made juice ))) this is the first time in my life that I
have succeeded in my diet and I’m so happy believe me if I can do it you
can too trust me !!! 

A Just Cause says:

how to lose fat: be in a caloric deficit. Simple as that. 

FC Bruh says:

IIFYM… I lost 25 pounds of pure fat, got ripped as hell while eating
anything I wanted. MODERATION PEOPLE! 

Dino Herceg says:

Duuuuude WTF is with ur right eye?! Lol seems creepy..

Dallas Stevens says:

I’ve only lost 10 pounds and gained back 15, all I eat is meat, vegetables,
and fruits. I eat about 1500 calories a day which may be bad (to much) but
I am 17 years old and workout several times a week. I know I’m in a calorie
deficit by a few hundred calories AT LEAST and since I play rugby I do need
the energy but I’m still 10-20 pounds overweight and chubby in the lower
stomach and lower chest. Oh, and I drink more than 3 liters of water a day
(gym bottle is 2.2 L but I drink it throughout the day plus more). How am I
not losing fat??

ThatManAdrian says:

Anybody know if Garcinia Cambogia has significant results? or just a

nick player says:

Why do you have this brown small circle in your eyes

Jason Berroa says:

Here’s a better more affordable way to stop those sugar cravings. When you
start craving sugar eat an apple, preferably a red one not yellow or green
just straight dark red. Those will take away your sugar craving guaranteed
and its healthy sooo….

Tricky Ricky says:


Adu Alex says:

not cool Aaron !

mrcain says:

As a competitive cyclist, keeping my weight down is paramount to racing
well. It makes all the difference in the world.

I have a mantra written on my fridge: “Nothing tastes as good as winning.” 

Guy Prince says:

well ive got to say this, i was Fat all of my life, i got to litterally 288
Lbs at the age of only 16 …. (no lies lol ), i had litteraly been
fighting weight loss all of my damn life, i tell ye what, one thing i
noticed is just dont look or weight yourself ( especially of you get
discouraged by tht easily), back then there was no such thing lol …
therefor they stood on only looking at their physical once in a while and
view progress. Its all mental its nothing with your body. I simply did the
half salad and the rest of whatever i want … but nothing fried no pizza
no junk food no candy no juice ( AT ALL) no soda, nothing fried, no outside
food ( which you defintively do NOT know what in the world they put into
it, and yes its a shit load of fat). get used to cooking your own meals,
and ( like alpha M said nice suggestion he said but i didnt do it tht way,
plan and do your meals ahead of time lol.). well i can say im 170 pounds
right now, ( lost two pounds from the christmas break lol. before : 180.
and just be active, and do not think about it or get paranoid over it…
slowly youll see it as you start eating, just change the way your eating,
you are, what you eat. eat all the fruits u feel like, all the oranges
apples, and vegetables, if u havge a chance EAT EM ALLL!! lol, and last
….. WATER 100% , exercise 15-30 minutes everyday u can take saturday and
sunday as a break). IF u want a more in dept thingy then sure pm me. Again
nutrituionist dont work, ive gone all my life, and never worked on me. …
again, its all mental, its all in your head. #done

Faysal Al says:

Plz make a Instagram account so that we can follow you…

kronoff317 says:

My issue is living at home. I usually cook really healthy meals etc. But my
mom always cooks some delicious and fattening as hell food. Like last night
she made killer lasagna. And it would be rude not to eat it. Yet every time
I tell her I’m trying to eat healthy she flips shit. Man, psycho mom

alpha m. says:

You got this!

arushbhai says:

Aaron please make a video on how to increase energy. I have very little
energy to do things through out the day. PleSe help us all out

Movies YES! says:

Planning my meals and calorie tracking has allowed me to drop from 330lbs
to 209 as of this morning, great video alpha! Always great to see this as a

Robert Taylor says:

Can you do a acne video 

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