101 Family Medical Group Reveals Six Ways to Prevent Office Injuries

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Canoga Park, CA (PRWEB) January 24, 2013

In the current economy, no one can afford to lose money because of injuries on the job. When employees aren’t well, business suffers. If business suffers, a companys bottom line can be affected. 101 Family Medical Group has treated many workplace injuries over the years and says most of the problems, such as carpal tunnel, are caused by stress and strain. It says the most common office injuries can be prevented by avoiding six major triggers.

1. Making repetitive reaching motions. This can be caused by frequent use of a telephone, typing with bent wrists and using a mouse. 101 Family Medical Group recommends checking the position of the office tools to make sure everything is well within reach.

2. Using intense pressure or force. In an office this can happen by gripping a computer mouse, pinching a pen too hard or pounding a keyboard. But taking frequent breaks and making time to de-stress can help you avoid this kind of injury and allow you to be more productive in the long run.

3. Sitting in an unnatural position for an extended period of time. Instead, sit naturally and if necessary make adjustments to the chair. Be vigilant for signs of strain or tightness.

4. Straining the neck. 101 Family Medical Group says this can be caused by viewing a monitor or other display. It advises moving the screen up or down until your eyes are able to gaze naturally at the center of it.

5. Shallow breathing in response to stress. Remember to walk around at least once an hour. When that isnt possible take time to relax your hands and eyes, and even take a few deep breaths.

6. Not allowing a complete recovery time from other aches and pains. 101 Family Medical Group recommends speaking up about any discomfort because, without addressing the underlying cause, the problem will only get worse.

101 Family Medical Group treats a variety of work-related injuries including, chronic pain, cuts, puncture wounds, and foreign body removal. Business owner Edward Tomassini says, 101 Family Medical Group really understands the need to get my employees back to work as soon as possible. They are quick to see my employees and as a business owner, time missed means money missed. In addition, the medical center has recently expanded its physical therapy capabilities, enabling the staff to treat these painful injuries quickly and efficiently.

About 101 Family Medical Group: For many years, 101 Family Medical Group has been providing physical therapy, workplace injury treatment, medical weight loss, physical exams for immigration, immunizations, and family primary care in the San Fernando Valley area. The company is known for uniquely meeting the special needs of patients through personalized health plans, and for cultivating a high percentage of referrals and repeat business. To discover what 101 Family Medical Group can do for you, visit 101FamilyMed.com


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