12 Reasons Why Salt is NOT a Health Food

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John from http://www.okraw.com/ shares with you 12 reasons why any type of salt is not a health food and 8 ways you can reduce your salt consumption.

In this episode, you will discover 12 reasons why John believes any type of sale including Celtic Sea Salt, Table Salt, Himalayan Salt, Pink Salt, Lava Salt should not be considered a health food. You will learn many ways salt can negatively impact your health and learn why you will probably want to reduce your consumption of salt in your diet. He believes there are minimal benefits of Celtic salt (or other types)

Next, John will share how much salt he eats on a daily basis and the recommended amount of sodium that should be consumed according to the American Heart Association.

Finally, John will share with you 8 strategies you can use to help reduce your consumption of salt in your diet so you can gain the health benefits of a reduced sodium diet.

You will discover how John gets salt in his diet that allows him to have healthy and flavorful foods while still eating a lower sodium diet than most Americans.

After watching this episode, you will be more aware of some of the potential health risks you may have by eating too much salt, as well as ways to reduce your consumption of salt.

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