13 UNCOMMON Facts About Excess Skin After Weight Loss

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13 UNCOMMON Facts About Excess Skin After Weight Loss

One of the questions that I get all the time is, “Coach Todd, I lost all this weight and thats awesome, but now I have this excess skin after weight loss…How can I tighten up my loose skin?”

This question is not a simple one sentance answer and its not some magical potion or cream that is going to tighten excess skin after weight loss. There are actually 13 UNCOMMON facts about your excess skin that you need to know that will help you formulate a plan of attack to tighten it all back up (if possible)

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Jump to each tip below:

02:05 – Loose Skin Fact #1
02:34 – Loose Skin Fact #2
03:30 – Loose Skin Fact #3
03:53 – Loose Skin Fact #4
FAIL! – Loose Skin Fact #5
04:27 – Loose Skin Fact #6
05:01 – Loose Skin Fact #7
05:41 – Loose Skin Fact #8
06:17 – Loose Skin Fact #9
06:58 – Loose Skin Fact #10
07:54 – Loose Skin Fact #11
09:08 – Loose Skin Fact #12
09:52 – Loose Skin Fact #13
10:55 – Loose Skin Fact #14

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Ryuu says:

hey i wanted to ask you , does age really matter ? cause im 17 ive lost 60
pounds over the past 2 years , and yes i got tht loose skin … i love
weight training ive been training for 4 years and i got large muscles for
my age ,im about 9-10% bodyfat but still i look kinda fat cause of loose
skinD: , what is your best advice for me? 😀 thank you

Liquideze says:

Pah-lease, If you literally have to pull + stretch out skin that is laying
taut flat to your belly (as you demonstrated), that does not qualify as
loose skin. Not disrespect Coach, honest. But for folks with real loose
skin it’s kinda wacky. JMO :)

Kh ris says:

The main thing here is that we want to look like fitness models all the
Even if we have six pack we will still seeing something that could be
better (that’s a psychological problem, not a physical one)

This video covers all perfectly IMO, but people want to hear lies, people
want their dreams come true with minimum effort.

I had loose skin, i was in 104 kg and now in 67 with six pack and good lean
muscle. I’m in the best shape of my life and being patient i have seen all
that loose skin came thight as f*ck. So, wtf does matter if I have a
little tiny little little loose skin in my inner legs?

Some people have unrealistic expectations about how they can look naturally
without supplements, drugs, surgerys etc..

alan Engel says:

Hi. Good video. I just wondered, I’m 21, 19st, but I’m not massive, I want
to get down to around 15st, because my body I think is naturally quite
large anyway. Do you think I would have a major problem with any excess
skin. At the moment, I am just doing cardio afterburn workouts? I’m
guessing adding weight training would help?

Ezu D says:

Hey Todd.I’m 19 and weight 180 pounds,I’ve been overweight a great sum of
my life.if i lose 40-50 pounds in 4-5 months will i develop loose skin?

Colin Sevier says:

Audio is really low.. hard to hear.. 

Steve Martin says:

Hey Todd as you can see from my pic I workout alot , and I mean alot . Ive
lost 217lbs in 2years and now im at 255lbs im tryna get down to 200lbs flat
but already my skin is getting to me . I’m just really frustrated with all
this extra skin on my body. I have been using the exta virgin coconut oil
for 4 -5 months now cause I know a friend did the same.I eat my protein
baked /grilled chicken and all mixed veggies. But myself I just lost weight
too fast. I eat nothing but berries and some differnt other fruits. I blend
them with the coconut oil. Any words of encouragement?

Greg Lukasik says:

I’m on a HEALTHY and GRADUAL weight loss regimen. This info was incredibly
helpful and reassuring. Ive lost 22lbs since may and I have 40lbs to go.
Thank you for this video. It’s actually taken some fear out of the
inevitable loose skin problem.

captaindrywal123 says:

I find your audio hard to deal with

Christopher Calloway says:

I’ll probably have loose skin once I lose this weight. Sucks.

bendietrees says:

How do guys feel about girls who lose weight and have excess skin? I’m
worried every guy will run run run if they were to see me naked. It makes
me really sad. I wish I had as little as you do!

Shenae Huntsman says:

Great information. I am on the weight loss track and this is all very
helpful. I think this topic is scarey for anyone who is wanting to loose a
large amount of weight.

myersljennifer says:

You’re so lovely. Thanks so much for this video.

ColloseusX says:

Does Loose Skin go away or stay there forever without surgery?

Saul Tovar says:

Hi, I’ve been in a weight loss journey, for about a year now. I used to
weight 287 now I weight 237 and I’m still going for more. I just wanted to
know on how many calories I should eat? Myfitnesspal tells me I should eat
1200 calories a day. I weight lift and exercise about 3-4 days a week 

CD Copley says:

It’s useless to make a video with poor audio. No one wants to watch a video
that they can’t hear or struggle to hear. There are simple solutions.

Todd Warren says:

#looseskin can be so incredibly #frustrating after you have done so well
with your weight loss. Let me know what you think about these 14 “uncommon”
facts I present about getting rid of it!

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