14 Short Riddles For Your Daily Brain Workout

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Give your brain a daily workout with a portion of 14 short riddles! Even though these riddles are short some of them will make you think for a while! If you need a boost of energy when you just woke up, then you’re welcome to solve these tricky riddles and puzzle quizzes. Try to use all your intelligence and imagination, and you’ll find the right answer easily!

00:14 – A riddle on escape that will trick your mind even if you’re a pro! Will you find the fourth door when it seems there are only three of them in the room? This is a task for geniuses only!
01:38 – An incredibly hard riddle that will show if you’re a genius or a psycho (though I think these things are pretty close)! Challenge your brain and think carefully to crack this logic riddle on time without a hint.
03:38 – A set of mind-blowing spy tricks for adults and kids! No matter if you’re going to spy on your colleagues or schoolmates or just amuse your friends at a party, you should watch and learn these cool tricks! Look like magic, huh?
04:47 – This set of picture puzzles will trick the minds of the most intelligent detectives! Think carefully and examine every small detail in the pictures. Do you already know the answer?
06:02 – A riddle on crime that will trick your mind and make you sweat! But actually the answer is so simple that even a kid can crack it. You just have to think outside the box and let any crazy idea come to your mind. Did you solve it on your own?
07:02 – A mysterious riddle on crime to boost your deduction skills and logic. Will you find the killer and save the other vampires from the same fate? Carefully check the evidence and catch the culprit using your brilliant logic and you know..take care, they’re still vampires🧛‍♂️
08:29 – Are you attentive enough to find out who stole the ring? This is a challenging brain teaser to warm up your brain and increase your IQ level. If you can cope with this logic riddle, you’re an advanced solver and can take the hardest tasks!
10:00 – A fun riddle on logic that will challenge your counting skills. Think quickly to find out which cans Mike should hit to score 50 and win a nice present for his new girlfriend. Tell me your answer in the comments before time’s up!
11:15 – A thrilling crime riddle to blow your mind away and make you think hard! This detective story will test not only your IQ level but emotional intelligence as well. Boost all your skills to become an experienced detective!
12:57 – Who is the father? A fun visual quiz to reveal your real personality! Share your answers to this one in the comments!

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