2 Month HCLF Vegan Update | Weight Loss, Body Pain

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I lost 9 pounds in the first 2 weeks of eating like this. I lost more weigh this month, that I mentioned in the video.

My meals are based around plants (potatoes, rice, corn and fruits & veggies). I do not cook with oil (HCLF/ Starch Solution). I eat until i am FULL (well just before that point) and i do not count calories.

I post my meals on instagram and tumblr. Check my Pinterest folder (Starch Solution) for meal ideas & recipes… the links are below

Future videos include: Cruelty Free (CF) Makeup, CF Skincare, CF Hair Care, CF hygiene; lots of weight loss tips and tricks; learn how foods can trigger ACNE, DEPRESSION, PAIN, ACHES and more; My makeup routines, skin care routine, Eating out as a plant based vegan and more!

Earrings (not plugs), wall tapestry, and headband are from Earthbound.
Lip color is the dark plum of the Ruby Kisses Lip Lacquers

Past Videos:
Best weight loss plan, what i ate, mini blog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouDIQvem6wo
Minimalist Journey / CF Makeup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp5DIRUM1Ro
1 MILLION VIEWS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opAn7VptuPE
Minimalist/ Simple Living Journey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJ3-MHlbxHU
Weight loss, More Energy, Starch Solution Update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tSaaCOqBl4

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Lara Wright says:

Do you eat avocados?

deedee lebowski says:

way to go!!!

lddiva says:

Just subscribed and have been looking at your videos. Really enjoying them.
Random question- where did you get your current makeup storage container

Sara Camacaro says:

Loving your videos. Love your style, I finally found something I want to
follow every day on youtube 🙂 

Tara A says:

I am also doing cruelty free with the makeup as well…

Cupcksprnklz says:

Has it been difficult giving up some of your favorite foods?

Petite Heartbeat says:

Thanks for sharing!

Atheria PsychicMedium says:

You don’t have any digestive problems on The Starch Solution? Although
eating that way was helping my blood sugar problem, my already bad
digestive system mutinied. I mean, it got horrid and I couldn’t take it
anymore and quit. As an FYI I had been vegan for 16 years up until I became
very hypoglycemic in 11/2010. I had to quit being vegan for years because
my blood sugar was very brittle and I got sick if I ate too many carbs.
Thankfully, I’ve been back to vegan for a while now, but very low fat with
lots of beans, potatoes, grains, and cooked cruciferous veggies kill me.
Think major constipation, gas, and bloating with occasional nausea. Right
now I’ve gone back to a raw food diet with some fat and am improving. I’m
just curious if you’ve experienced any digestive problems?

Tara Hollinger says:

You look amazing. TFS 

Lindsay Xo says:

This makes me really want to go vegan….just so nervous to take that leap!

Foofie2005 says:

So nice to see you are doing so well on your new food journey !!
Hope it keeps working for you 🙂 hugs, Stacy 

A. Kennedy Thomas says:

You’re looking well rested and happy

tracey martin says:

Yeahhhhhh! Your have a brightness about you! I just enjoy I’m so happy for

8mellene8 says:

Hope videos will be comeing about hclf lifrstyle more:)

sweetiepie9411 says:

yayyyyy can’t wait for the vegan product videos 

david ulmer says:

this is extremely helpful!! please keep us updated, i am 3 weeks in the
starch solution and feel the best i have my whole life!!

Julia Bernard says:

You are so beautiful. I love your style! Do you do yoga too? 🙂

I suffer from IBS and I can’t eat acid stuff either but since I started to
eat 80% raw hclf it is much much better. I eat bananas all day haha :)

RyMingTahn says:
VeganVeins says:

yaaayyy that’s so awesome that you are enjoying the starch solution so much
and getting great results <3 you look so beautiful by the way 🙂 

Ayan H says:

Great video! I just discovered your channel:)

Boyhead1973 says:

Encourage, Inspired And Motivated… Yes I am. Thank you for sharing.

Sugar and Starch says:

Amazing! Sounds like you’re off to a fantastic start, congrats:) X

RyMingTahn says:

If you don’t have a GOOGLE + account, I CANT RESPOND TO YOU :(

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