33lbs Lost! Before & After Pics (Weightloss Update)

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How I lost 33 pounds (15kg) and dropped 4 dress sizes and kept it off through healthy eating and exercise. No diet pills, no quick fixes – just making healthy lifestyle changes. This video will go into detail about what changes I made, what exercise I do and how frequently, what I eat, and the challenges I have faced in this journey. I also write Fitness Journals and updates on my blog, please subscribe: www.misschievous.tv More videos on food and nutrition on my other channel: www.youtube.com DVDs I use: P90X, Insanity, Turbofire www.beachbody.com TWITTER: twitter.com FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com ‪apps.facebook.com Music: Eternal Hope – incompetech.com
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ALFiordita says:

Congratulations! And, again, thank you for being such an inspiration; thank you for your honesty. You make it real.

Jagath Kumara says:

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Randy Cawley says:

@miragoey Is this I saw those ideas here /watch?v=7XM7YGqOia0

Catastr0phicM1nd says:

You were gorgeous before and even more gorgeous after. Good luck with maintaining your goal, you are truly inspiring!

Mahinda779 says:

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Talpes Gabriel says:

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Carolina Gamboa says:

I think what Julia wants to show us is that a change in our mind is the most powerful resource to make a change….any fast track to low our weight is just a mirage…..thank you Julia your experience is helpful and inspiring

Anish Kuikel says:

If you have been trying to lose fat fast, you should search google for “Lean Body Maximizer”. They can guide you and help you get the body you deserve.

carmen reda says:

Omg I feel exactly how you described. I just don’t know how to start.

gobeng7 says:

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Mayra G. says:

Awesome change! Nice body! Very proud of you!

rupeshkan says:

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Amrita Pathak says:

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nayelischoice says:

Start with small things and work your way up.Like start a small workout routine.Like once a week any time of the wk.Then a couple of months later when you feel like you deff can,do twice a wk then 3 times a week and if its too hard 3 times a week go back to 2 times a wk.That way you dont give up on the whole thing.Then X out foods slowly,like if you usually have sweets 3 times a day try twice a day then a couple of wks later try once a day and do the same with other bad habbits and foods 🙂

carmen reda says:

Thank you

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