4-Minute Workout to Get Rid of Belly Fat Without Diets

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To remove pesky belly fat we constantly work out, do long, complex and exhausting exercises, and still, all of it doesn’t guarantee the desired shape. But visceral fat can affect your insulin production and even increase the level of stress hormones in your body with time, which is why it’s crucial to keep your abdominal area in shape.

The secret of achieving the body of your dreams is rather simple: do this small set of extremely effective exercises that will focus on different areas of your abdominal muscles and help you melt your belly fat quickly. It will take you 4 minutes a day.

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Dead bug 0:19
Lateral plank walk 1:15
Plank hop 2:09
Crab toe-touch 3:10
Forearm side-plank hip-dip 4:04
Leg lifts 4:50
Down dog abs 5:38
Warrior balance 6:50

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– “Dead bug” is good for any fitness level. It’s also a great way to start your training because it’s easy on your neck and lower back. When you’re lowering your limbs, it’s really important not to touch the floor – just keep them hovering above it.
– Lateral plank walk gives a nice shake to your entire core, making it work much better than a simple plank would. Just make sure all your movements are controlled, don’t go stomping around!
– Plank hops are easier and no less beneficial for your abs. Given the intensity, they’re even better if you ask me! The faster you go with the hop, the better it is as a cardio exercise. Still, don’t overdo it!
– Crab toe-touches are awesome when it comes to core training because they keep your abs and back engaged the whole time, while making you sweat by doing some aerobic exercise.
– Side planks are a must when it comes to hitting those obliques, which is good because they shape your waistline. And that means no more love handles!
– As you’re doing leg lifts, pay particular attention to your lower back – it shouldn’t get strained; otherwise, you know you’re doing them wrong. This exercise is great for strengthening the core muscles, especially the ones in your lower abs.
– Down dog abs is a great exercise because it targets your core and glutes. Yep, that means chiseled abs and a tight bum – two birds with one stone!
– Warrior balance makes you get in control of your entire core, strengthening it and making you burn belly fat with the sheer strain of your whole body. It also targets your glutes and hamstrings, so it’s triple the benefit!

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