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It’s always a good idea to revisit the basics of strength training to ensure that your fitness foundation is strong. And if you’re new to working out, this 40-minute workout is a great place to start. It covers all the essential moves, leaving no muscle untouched. Plus, working without weights means you can truly focus on your form. Press play and get ready to warm up, strength train, then cool down with some stretching. You’re going to feel great!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


Zeenat Timol says:

Wow these exercises are really working thankx

Makayla Muller says:

i want to start loosing weight with this has anyone lost weight since doing

Nandini Kapoor says:

I loved your video

Pawan Shrestha says:

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about the crimes we commit against ourselves. With Ready Set Ripped, you
will discover how to bulk up fast.

Sana Meshari says:

I did some squats and stuff a few days ago and my thighs hurt so much after
I swear I could barely walk for 3 days … and now I’m scared to try stuff
I’m not used to XD 

likeCeline says:

This workout was way too boring. I know its a “beginners” workout, but i
was expecting some fun cardio. Disappointed. 

Lissy Thomas says:

First I found it hard but now its fun to watch and do the exercise with
them. Thanks a lot!

L. Cikita Siregar says:

thank you for sharing! it’s good for hijabi who wants to work out at home.

Stephanie Poe says:

Is this ok during pregnancy? Any moves that I should modify? I know I
shouldn’t lay on my back.

User66ful says:

Omg I’m in such a bad shape. But this was the first cardio work out that
I’ve actually been able to finish which gives a great feeling! And I just
loved the streching, it made me feel so energized afterwards!
Finally a “beginners video” that really is for beginners. Thanks so much

kate Schlueter says:

Anna, Thanks so much! I´ve had a shoulder injury and this was just perfect
to start fitness again. You´re great!!!!

Monica Sharma says:

awesome fun work out..just loved it…

Get Fit Body - Nutrition, Workouts and Health says:

40 Minute Full Body Workout

Need more full body workouts? Then, check this Pinterest board –
http://www.pinterest.com/fitbodybuzz/full-body-workouts/ #workout #fitness

Lostinamelodyyy says:

This was great!!!! Thank you for this great workout :D

PixelatedDream says:

I REALLY like this girls energy and her style! she’s fun to watch and
exercise with

Nangaparvat says:

So what do I do if my cat wants to sleep on my mat just in the middle of
the exercise? D=

Stacey Lynn says:

I am so beyond happy that I came across Popsugar like 3 months ago. I have
been on a weight loss journey since May 2014 and have been doing so many
different types of exercise routines. I came across this one and I just
fell in love and I think a lot of it has to do with Anna and her positive
attitude. So far I have lost 69lbs and have gained a lot of strength and
tone throughout. So grateful for the staff of Popsugar fitness!

Ichibowl says:

Just started this today. Haven’t been working out since I came back from
school and man this kicked my ass. There were times I wanted to quit but it
wouldn’t be worth it to quit just eight minutes in right? Now I feel so
good the moment I finished this video and I can’t that you guys enough. I
will definitely be incorporating this into my fitness plan for the next few
weeks! :)

Holly Wood says:

OH my gosh I am so stretched out now. I feel all, loosey goosey! Thanks for
the burn, i’ve shared this one. 

Robin Ojay says:

This is great for a sore day !

Isi Total says:

Total cool!! :–)
Ich mache auch Fitnessvideos, klickt gerne mal rein :)

Ancy Alexander says:

I need to lost 40 lbs, so added this to my beginner workout playlist. Tried
this today, I was sweating and panting real bad by the time I finished 30
moves. I had to take a water break and managed to complete the rest. So
glad I stayed for the stretch routine. Some of those moves are not beginner
(esp. the ones on the floor), so I had to just try and wait it out when I
couldn’t. And the side lying press-up, the bone on my hip hurt while
raising my body despite using a thick foam mat, so I’m not sure if I’m
doing it right. Hopefully I can breeze through this workout a couple months

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