5 Popular Health Food Myths Debunked

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5 Popular Health Food
Myths Debunked Myth 1: Eat fruit only in
the morning Eating fruit by itself can spike blood sugar levels. Combine fruit with protein-rich foods to stabilize
blood sugar. Myth 2: Snacking speeds up
your metabolism The metabolic rate is related to what you eat, not how often you eat. Myth 3: Coconut oil melts fat Fat cells can only shrink, not disappear. Coconut oil is also very high in calories, which may inhibit weight loss. Myth 4: Eating carbs at night leads to weight gain The body can efficiently metabolize and digest carbohydrates at any time of the day. Avoiding carbs may lead to increased fatigue. Myth 5: Juicing is good for weight loss A juice-only diet is likely to leave you deficient in calories, protein and fat. Eat a healthy, balanced diet for weight loss instead!

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