5 WORST diet mistakes (for building muscle)

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1 crazy trick to build muscle: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/aff_c?offer_id=18&aff_id=2634&aff_sub=5WorstDiet&aff_sub2=DESC&source=youtube Hey y’all! Comin…
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TeamEspada says:

you clearly don’t understand it do you? just click on replay and help yourself.

TeamEspada says:

you’re definitively not acting emo.. -_-

artymowycz says:

lol better than you do. I’ve read books on the physiology involved. Sure it’s for building muscle but people that build muscle don’t come to this channel to learn how, the people that do take in the information just want to look like this guy and what i mentioned is how you do it.
Do you know what your personal balanced diet should be? everyone is different and i suggest you find out for yourself.

Airickk2021 says:

How beneficial are D-Pants?

Well, they are a pair of plastic pants with tight elastic bands around the ankles, The pants are to be worn UNDER your regular pants, (replacing underwear) and are used to collect your explosive diarrhea. When you have filled up your D-Pants, it is absolutely correct to take them out back, hose them off, and re-use them. No solids please.

Jaughn Deau says:

How? Wait, dont answer that question. I dont give a fuck. Im me, hate all you want jack ass

ollisonwtemplet says:

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Michael Cranshaw says:

What about turning the chubby 240+ into a jacked 240+?

LickMyHickoryNutsack says:

mike chang is a faggot, look up brandon carter, this dude is full of shit

ForeverAnalog says:

What law says having abs is the ideal body? Ironically if you have a very narrow waist , large rib cage, and broad shoulders (ideal), you wont have a 6 pack look. You may have a 4 pack, but the smaller the waist, the lesser the abs muscle show.

David Prye says:

does anybody know Mike Chang’s email??

Youbian says:

What about those guys who do those eating competitions, where they eat like 8 plates of food in one sitting? And they gain no weight.

asdfg79660 says:

Do you think they do these competitions constantly?

Thomas Gallagher says:

when did Mike get so loud and annoying?

ipodnano962 says:

No shit what do i eat

Jessica Hughes says:

your pecs twitch a lot. it’s hypnotizing

TheRaevin says:

Potatoes are a good source for carbs ? It’s a good day to be Dutch.

Arif Syarifah says:

Anyone tried the Proladox Diet Plan (do a search on google)? I’ve heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin lost lots of weight with it.

EvanM4120 says:

Notice he’s not wearing a mic. The mic. on the camera probably isn’t that good so he needs to be loud.

mansondevil33 says:


Dan Brophy says:

Do you have a gravy recipe? Are we talking full-fat, flour/roux based gravy? Please tell me yes 🙂

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