5:2 Diet – How To Stay On Track on the Fast Diet On Your Fasting Days

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https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00DOYTU6E In this video I just wanted to share with you some tips that I have used with my clients that help keep them on track …
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rachelx230484x says:

Lucy does it matter whether u eat you 500kcal as three meals or should u
fast for 12hours that day and eat your 500kcal for breakfast and dinner
only or breakfast and lunch only? Thanks rach x

Lucy Wyndham-Read says:

Hi Rachel , sorry about the late response. I personally recommend that you
aim to have breakfast which could be an egg white omelet with spinach
leaves, so this could be just under 100 cals, then focus on lunch say have
an allowance of 250, could be wholemeal pit a with slice of chicken and
lots of lettuce and grated carrot. Then for dinner have roasted cherry
tomatoes with courgette spaghetti, which is under 100 and you can then
even have a couple of marshmallows as a snack : Lucy x

7Earthsky says:

So as a straight guy i should paint my nails when im peckish?….Gotcha.

sandra bermingham says:

you look the double of Madonna!…only young!

Jovica Madzoski says:

If you want to burn up fat quickly, you should do a google search Legion
Fat Loss. You are bound to get the body you deserve.

Claire Dawes says:

Love your videos. Great tips- especially about the chilli flakes.

Dan's bicycle journey says:

Wow I love your voice, subscribed! I’ve lost 80# thus far. I’m
intermittent fasting, the Fast-5 plan, ty for your video, have a wonderful

Carter Felder says:


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