8-Minute Workout That’ll Rid You of Fat In a Week

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How to get rid of fat? Most people wouldn’t turn down the opportunity to get stronger, healthier, and more toned with minimal effort. An exhausting workout in the gym doesn’t suit everyone, and, let’s be honest, sometimes we have absolutely no time for it. Yet this is not an excuse to refuse exercise! This quick 8-minute workout can easily be done at home and will do wonders on your body!

All the exercises are easy to do at home. All you need is enough space and comfortable clothing. We will show you some exercises that you can do daily that will transform your body in a few weeks.

1. Warm-up 0:44
2. Bridges 2:12
3. Push-ups 2:50
4. Mountain climbers 3:49
5. Jumping jacks 4:39
6. Burpees 5:12
7. Arms-up crunches 7:09
8. Reverse lunges 7:52
9. Lateral split squats 8:38
10. Plank 9:15

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– Warming up is extremely important before you start any workout, no matter how short it is. It gets your blood flowing to warm up and stretch your muscles and joints. This is what gets your body ready for physical activity to lower the risk of injuries.
– Bridges train your abs and sculpt your butt. They’ll provide you with strong legs and a beautiful backside! When done correctly, they can even release lower-back tension.
– Push-ups are an awesome bodyweight exercise. They train your arms, shoulders, chest, and abs.
– Mountain climbers increase your heart rate so that you burn a lot of calories. They speed up your metabolism and are perfect for sculpting your abs, strengthening your arms, shaping your glutes, and training your legs.
– Cardio exercises is great for your leg muscles and your core. It’s also beneficial for your cardiovascular health. On top of that, jumping jacks burn plenty of calories and boost your metabolism.
– Burpees are practically a full-body exercise. First of all, they burn a ton of calories. Since this is a high-intensity cardio exercise, you’ll lose 50% more fat than you do with most other exercises.
– Crunches are one of the best exercises for training your abs and getting the six-pack of your dreams. Besides that, they strengthen your core and increase your range of motion and flexibility.
– Reverse lunges will make your hips and thighs stronger and burn a good amount of calories. Since they involve each leg one at a time, they’re also great for your balance and stability.
– Planking is also a full-body exercise! It trains not just your abs but also your neck, biceps, thighs, and shoulder muscles. When done regularly, planking will strengthen your core and lower the risk of back injury.

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