85lbs Lost! My Weight Loss Journey Thus Far….

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My 85lbs weight loss journey. How I went from 260lbs to 174lbs! Thanks again for watching my video and I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss and reaching your personal goal weight! ★ My 2nd weight loss journey video with BEFORE AND AFTER slide show here: www.youtube.com ★ My 3rd weight loss journey video answering more questions here: www.youtube.com ★ Twitter: twitter.com

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KristySlimmer2012 says:

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Bijay Rai says:

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wwwliksicom says:

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PureTrimWeightLoss says:

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Diann Dieterich says:

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Bogdan Başturea says:

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Drazen Tezak says:

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Apryl Hoeltzer says:

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Candice Niblett says:

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Chantel Hall says:

DANGGG CHIC you clean up nicee!!!Haha.

Qiana McMillan says:

how tall are you? I’m 5’ 6″ and 170 i’m still chunky *sadness*

John Kennedy says:

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dominica sen says:

Have you tried the Skinnimaker Diet? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to melt fat fast.

dtatum1000 says:

Congratulations You Look Great

eurasiaf14 says:

WHOA, what a transformation. You’re gorgeous and thanks for the video!

birdsascarnage says:

Either way you looked good! Perks of being a tall girl: you always look smaller than you’re actual weight. Congrats on the weight loss!

monica760 says:

After watching lots of videos on weight loss you seriously motivated me !

John Kennedy says:

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Amy D says:

As am I, she must be really tall.

Blake Bradley says:

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andri tamaksil says:

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Assyria Simone says:

Hopefully this isnt repetative, but ive been trying to to lose weight since september for prom which is in three months. My problem is not being consistant, how did you stay consistant. I do have lazy moments but so badly want to lose weight.

Assyria Simone says:

I REALLY need help with losing like 30 maybe 40 lbs

T4pThiisBunny says:


Sana Khan says:

I’m 14 and I weigh more than I should. I started jump roping because it helped me get taller and skinner and I also started plying tennis as well as eating healthier, only eating a cup of rice a day, and a glass of milk for dinner 🙂 it helped me loose so mucho weight after doing it continuously!!!

Delaney Sanders says:

wtf. No, that is way less than you should! That’s like anorexic! Eat THREE meals a day!

Delaney Sanders says:

How tall are you?

amber mceachern says:

you encouarage me you inspire me and you are beuteful thankyou

Tracy Bigelow says:

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WatchaGonnaDoBrah says:

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bivashsubba says:

Which type your physicse

Rebecca Diaz says:

dang girlie you did a wonderful job. 🙂

mat00422 says:

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