9 Exercises You Should NEVER DO AGAIN!

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These are the Worst Exercises you should never do. Seriously, avoid these workout mistakes and you can save yourself from lower back, knee, and rotator cuff pain, not to mention shoulder impingement. Avoid these exercises 9 exercises.
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In today’s video I want to go over the eight worst exercises that you should never do again. Seriously never again let’s jump right into this with the very first exercise tricep dips on a bench. I don’t know why it took me so long to realize how bad this exercise really is. When doing tricep dips on a bench your putting excessive pressure on your rotator cuff by rotating their most internally rotated position and your even putting excessive pressure on your elbows just by planting your hands behind your back. No matter how many times I’ve done this exercise it always feels uncomfortable because you have multiple joints in compromised positions. There’s a high chance that you can strain your rotator cuff and it’s really difficult to properly load this exercise with weight so I highly recommend you skip out on this one. Instead try Skull Crushers with an EZ bar for a far better tricep workout. Another dangerous exercises you should stop doing right away is the lat pulldown behind the head. Although Im pleased to say I’ve been seeing this exercise done less and less unfortunately there still are a few people that continue doing this exercise. I dont know why, maybe theyve seen one too many Rocky movies and they just don’t know how bad this exercise is for you. Now it’s very important that you don’t get this confused with regular lab pull-downs where you’re pulling the bar in front of you because that’s a great exercise. When you go behind the head you once again pudding a lot of stress on your shoulder joint more specifically the front of your shoulder joint. Not only are you externally rotating your arm really far back you’re also horizontally abducting both you elbows in a very unnatural position to get the bar behind your head and neck. Once again a better alternative would be a regular lat pulldown or regular wide grip Pull-Ups. Another exercise that totally sucks is the leg extension machine. I mean think for yourself how often are you going to sit down and just extend your legs out. it’s not a very functional exercise and for most people that are looking to get a great workout in the shortest amount of time possible there are far better exercises like squats for example. If you’re using the leg extension machine to exhaust your quads at the end of your workout that’s one thing but if you’re the type of person that’s moving from machine to machine and you go from the leg press machine to the leg extension machine to the leg curl machine you’re going to be way better off just skipping all those machines and doing squats deadlifts lunges and actual functional exercises. Why do I recommend these exercises well because you’re actually going to be building your stabilizer muscles and using your body’s natural movement patterns in ways that can actually apply to the real world. Getting really strong at doing leg extensions even if you max out the stack pretty much means nothing. If you get really strong at barbell squats that can serve as a benefit to almost every sport and every functional activity……. Next on the list we have upright rows. This exercise is done to develop the shoulders and the traps. Barbell upright rows are worse for your shoulder joint than dumbbell upright rows because your hands are locked forcing you into an unnatural range of motion. However, both dumbbells and barbell upright rows can damage the shoulder joint. As you bring your arms up the upper arms will rotate internally in the shoulder. Without perfect form and very healthy shoulders you can easily cause an injury on any random rep. This risk isn’t well warranted either. There are much better exercises for the shoulders such as Arnold presses, lateral raises, and frontal raises just to name a few. Another damaging exercise for the shoulders is behind the head shoulder presses. This damages the shoulders in all the same ways that going behind the head with lat pull downs does. Once again you are fully externally rotating your arms and putting extra strain on your neck when performing this exercise. On top of that studies suggest that there is no significant advantage to doing presses behind the head. In fact because you will probably have to lift less weight when going behind the head you may get less results than if you grabbed a heavier weight and just did regular military presses. Both regular barbell and dumbbell shoulder presses will work much better in place of this exercise. Next we have the smith machine. Now there are a lot of exercises that I dislike on the smith machine, but one of the worst is the smith machine squat.

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