9 Simple Kids Exercises To Do At Home

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Today’s workout is a full body exercise compilation with 9 simple, easy-to-perform, movements.

It is definitely a great way to have fun and exercise at the same time, in addition to being in accordance with the healthy growth plan that is essential for children’s development. Keep your kids motivated and engaged in healthy activities!

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00:00 Standing Crunch
00:43 Running Man
01:23 Rest
01:50 Reach And Squat
02:36 Rest
03:08 Knee Raises
03:37 Rest
04:09 Hand Claps
04:48 Rest
05:19 Flutter Kicks
05:51 Rest
06:23 Donkey Kicks Left
07:07 Donkey Kicks Right
07:52 Rest
08:28 High Knee Jacks
09:18 Rest
09:54 Forward Jump
10:42 Rest
11:42 Standing Crunch
12:26 Rest
12:38 Running Man
13:17 Rest
13:44 Reach And Squat
14:30 Rest
15:02 Knee Raises
15:31 Rest
16:02 Hand Claps
16:42 Rest
17:13 Flutter Kicks
17:45 Rest
18:16 Donkey Kicks Left
19:01 Donkey Kicks Right
19:45 Rest
20:22 High Knee Jacks
21:11 Rest
21:48 Forward Jump

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