90 Pound Weightloss 360° Comparison!!

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This is my 90 pound weightloss update with 360° body shot comparisons! Things definetly slowed down over the past 6 months, but I kept trecking along 🙂 I ha…
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Roman Kasti says:

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Nancy Lidhar says:

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Nancy Lidhar says:

U luk so pretty

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mihai pavel says:

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Sheralee M says:

Wow!!! Amazing! Good job!!!

Gee You Lick says:

wow. good for you!
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Parakrama Tennakoon says:

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Ana Ehab says:

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KatkatL says:

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Em Pey says:

You look amazing

blottyblott says:

I am 5’9 and in January weighed 240lbs also! I’m 168lbs now. I’m not sure if you mentioned it in another video you have post, but what weight did you want to be when you started. Mine was 170lbs but I’m thinking I want to be smaller.

Allison's Journey says:

Wow that’s so awesome!! My first goal was 169, then 159 then 149. I hover between 150 and 155 now and my body seems happy there.

Kaylandsky says:

Woohoo so awesome! We’re the exact same weight and height. I’m not nearly as tone though 😉 You need to add breast feeding to that list!! It’s the only thing I can really give credit to 😉

Luis Fino says:

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Denelle Davis says:

That is amazing! Great job, Allison! You look beautiful and happy and I hope this new lifestyle choice continues to go well for you! U have been watching your journey since you started posting and I have to say, you are an amazing person and I am so happy for you! Much love from the States!

Zeke Urrabazo says:

Wow! U did a great job! U look great too!

Heather Monts says:

Awesome Allison!!! Congrats!! 

Omskanielar says:

Wow! Congratulation! =)
Btw., you never really looked fat or obese or something like that, so it’s even more astonishing how you could loose that much weight!
Just amazing, and really inspiring =) You rock! 😉

Omskanielar says:

You tried vegan? Even more exciting! =)

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