Advanced Exercise Video: Bodyweight Workout

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This advanced workout by personal trainer Stephen Cabral is a total body tone up quick workout using only your body weight. Find more fitness videos at or own this video for just

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unbeaten78 says:

Happy New Year!
Question: correct push-up form (hands/arms to the side or out)? I think I am doing it wrong.

MsLavand says:

Hi Alycia, what are your thoughts on the stomach belts that are suppose to be worn during work outs. i bought one and i wear it when i work out and when i take it off it’s covered with sweat which made me think it’s an amazing but i’ve heard mixed reviews on it.

StormyND says:

Search “ELIMINATE ANY DISEASE WITH FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES” by “liferegenerator” here on Youtube – he has over 50 thousand followers!

It will change yr life!

Vickygrl737 says:

I just lost 17lbs about 6months ago on Jenny Craig. One problem that I have found with the program is keeping the weight off. Once I went off the program and eating the food I began to regain the weight. I have already gained about 7lbs. The other thing is that there are too many additives in the food. And the food was very expensive. One of the other disconcerting things is that when I joined the program I was smaller than all of the counselors that worked at the facility.

Vickygrl737 says:

Most of the counselors at the place I went to were over weight. Though they encouraged me, they were not able to keep the weight off themselves. I think weight watchers is more practicle in the long run, but any program takes a lot of determination, and disipline.

1PartAngel says:

I like your arms, I think you should put a tiny bit of make-up on. A strong woman can still look soft in her face. Loved the tree.

wyciskTV says:

You should also try one-hand pushups as shown on my channel.

pikudao says:

advanced? ROFL

CCoreG says:

check out my boyweight workouts…

Kim35351 says:

Go carbral

24878151 says:

What a pile of poo!

rockyjob says:

1:56 Get in the dog position, alright I’ll need you to take off your pants…

Konvicted17 says:

you are hot ! 🙂  [ the girl ]

TheFreePisces says:

proof that she’s a bitch is at 1:55

LilyAnacfvs says:

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DeputyD117 says:

i so thought this was gonna turn into a porno

AkizMe says:

what are you, like, 12?

LilyAnacfvs says:

She is so sexy and Russian women

CrynOut says:

My knees can’t reach my elbows on the last exercise!

oliviaolas says:

OMG this is exactly what I want to look like! this weekend I tried some ab work that was so hard where you stood in plan position and twister and i couldnt do it and was embrrases in class. I want to work hard this week to be more strong and have flat abs fast!!!!!! I need her help!

bridget2695 says:

shut up pig

ObsidianDubPlates says:

Calm Down Goose

FreeOnlineWorkouts says:

I’ve been a certified trainer for about 11 years now so I figured I’d give some advice.

Space is limited here so anyone who wants to learn more HONEST info, I recommend that all my clients read the six pack system by Mike Geary.

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1) Cut out carbs in the evenings (eat low “GI” carbs throughout the day)

2) Choose exercises that burn the most calories (NOT sit ups and curls)
Ex. Squats, Lunges, Pull Ups etc.

3) Perform “HIIT” to boost metaboism.

TheSaltySpicy says:

@jennaflint99 Haha! Girl you did great! I’m so happy that you enjoyed the result too! The site is WeightLossAction. info (no pace).

ShadyNJ says:

females in puss up position

MrTheDaniel1992 says:

thanks! good exercises shared here

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