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Watch as I prepare a scrumptious paleo diet recipe from The Paleo Cookbook.

White Fish with Macadamia Salsa
2 white fish fillets
1/4 cup macadamias, halved
1/2 cup chopped tomatoes
1 avocado, peeled, seeded and diced
3 tbs coriander, chopped
3 tbs parsley, chopped (I used green leaf lettuce instead, as I did not have any parsley or coriander)
olive oil

Preheat grill to medium heat.
Place fish on grill and cook 3-4 minutes or until cooked.

To make the salsa, place macadamias, tomatoes, avocado, coriander, and parsley in a mixing bowl,
combine well. Add olive oil to coat.

Place fish and salsa on a plate to serve.


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fkoff99 says:

Use only saturated fats (coconut for example) to cook. When you use
unsaturated fats (the rest of vegetable oils) for cooking, the molecules
oxidize and turn into other compounds that are unhealthy. Saturated fats
are stable, and coconut oil is one of the best options for cooking.

Matthew Jackson says:

omega 6 arent bad for u…in the right amounts…cla will actually help u
metabolize fat….how ever the concept of paleo is fresh free range not
packaged frozen fish lol…fail

starwoodone says:

To Bad Tilipia is Loaded with Omega 6 fatty acids which are bad for
you!…….but id try this with salmon!

Сергей Вяземцев says:

Hey! I’m Jacob.I did -40 lbs last 1 week.Go to

yellowsun4 says:

yummy YOU ROCK..

animejoao says:

why not use olive oil, taste so much better.

SusieItaliano says:


NikitaWill says:

Um that look yummy!

PaleoDietRecipes says:

@NikitaWill It was a quick, easy, and tasty recipe, one that I will prepare
again… Although I’ve never particularly liked the taste of avocado, I
still eat it anyway.. its good for me..

William Owens says:

White Fish with Macadamia Salsa

Health Alkaline Lifestyle says:

Alkaline Cookbooks and the alkaline diet

Rottie Man says:

If this is an “ALKALINE” diet why are recipes with garlic being recommended?
Garlic is acid on the p[h scale. I almost ordered it until I heard that.

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