An Easy Healthy Diet Plan

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This is when you ask yourself, how would I form an easy healthy diet plan. This is usually the first step in attaining your goals, plan it out first then do it.

A diet plan can be simple but yet complex, some plans will have you eating nothing but green vegetables and fruits while other are more lenient. The only thing similar about both these plans is follow through, without this you might is well be eating fast food everyday. I really don’t recommend this, please write this down first so you don’t forget.

In my opinion an easy healthy diet plan would consist of lots of whole grains and whole wheat, this is very nutritional too so go for it. This plan would also involve the cutting back of certain fatty foods such as butter and oil, try to keep this out of your diet. Sweets should also be removed, no chocolate and or sugar even if it means not enjoying your corn flakes in the morning.

When it comes to liquids, I like to drink nothing but water, I also stay away from caffeine. A good rule of thumb is if it’s sweet do not eat, so this means no sodas. A good substitution to crave your sweet tooth would be buying a juicer to make your own juice straight from Mother Earth, I also like Gatorade its packed with electrolytes.

So what does an easy healthy diet plan consist of I’ll tell you what determination and concentration, this means cutting back on your favorite foods. Exercise is good to but I will save that for another time.

Nothing comes easy; you must work for what you want: keep at it and you will make your goal


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