Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Pancakes

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Here is my breakfast Low Carb cooking video where I make my favorite low carb pancake recipe. This isn’t Induction friendly due to the Baking mix, but you could substitute some almond flour to make it Extended Induction legal. (There is an understanding by some Dr. A said they (nuts) could be added after 14 days.) Here’s the recipe:
* 8oz pkg cream cheese
* 3 eggs
* 3 tsp Splenda or equivalent liquid Splenda
* 1/4 cup Atkins Bake Mix *recipe below
* 1/2 tsp baking powder
* 1/2 tsp vanilla
* 1/4 cup Heavy Cream or buttermilk

Beat cream cheese with mixer until blended smooth. Add the remaining ingredients, and let sit for 5 minutes. Preheat non-stick pan to med/high heat. Spray pan with non stick spray and use 1/4 cup measure per pancake. Yield 10 pancakes.

For Pancake Syrup, I recommend Maple Grove Farms Sugar Free syrup ( )

Nutrition Info:
Total Calories 107, Fat: 10g, Carbs: 1.7g, Protein: 4g
Video Rating: 4 / 5


stonefiremetal says:

8 people work at Ihop!lol!

Kent Altena says:

The Atkins Baking Mix isn’t necessarily legal in week 1 or 2, but you could
substitute almond flour in the first two weeks.

Kent Altena says:

@GreenhouseCuisine I routinely use the lower fat Neufchatel cream cheese. I
think it melts better, but the non-fat is some chemical mix. I would highly
suggest against it, and on a low carb diet, one typically fuels your body
with fat.

Kent Altena says:

@DawnFoxworth Yes, but I wouldn’t over process it (just a couple pulses) as
it could become butter.

Kent Altena says:

If I said that, I was wrong… I’ll have to put a sticky on that time to
ignore the Iowan for he knows not what he says…

Kent Altena says:

@agronkis Yes, it is. It isn’t Induction friendly, but if you have reached
the nut rung of OWL, you should be fine.

Kent Altena says:

Yes, but I am not too much of a fan. I don’t like dark chocolate, and I am
always cautious with with any new sweetener too. Even if oligofructose is
safe, I just try to be cognizant of how much I have.

tweedy54 says:

Thanks, Bowulf!!!!!

TheaterFan24601 says:

As someone who’s also watching cholesterol, could I just use liquid egg
whites? If so, how many cups worth?

Wendy Karcher says:

MMM looks good..I’ll try it for breakfast tomorrow. I have type 2 diabetes
and trying to beat it. Most of my fiber comes from leafy green veggies. I
found that boosting up my protein and fiber — my sugar levels have been
close to normal. My doctor even reduced my meds 🙂 High fiber…high
protein and edamomi dip rules. I can’t exercise due to arthritis but even
that will leave when all the weight is off – I really believe that. Thanks
for the nice video. *wendy

Rose S says:

I made this last nite for dinner, they were GREAT, they taste like regular
pancakes! Thanks!

Jiggahata1 says:

I am on my second day on the Atkin’s diet…Can I eat it? or should I wait
until the couple weeks into it?

Kent Altena says:

Yep, it’s amazing how well your body runs on fat for fuel. I work out and
lift 3-4 days a week, and train for and run 2 marathons and 4 half
marathons each year. Weak and dehydrated is the last thing I feel.

Philisophigal says:

Oh, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying.

IloveJC30 says:

Hi Kent, your videos are awesome!! I made these today and was wondering how
many pc’s are in one serving..I need to know cause I will be making these
almost daily(I love pancakes)!! I’ve already referred the recipe to a
couple of friends and family!! oh and I didn’t have any atkins mix so I
used half and half of almond flour and coconut flour (if this helps
anyone)… Thanks 😉

Kevie says:

Just made these exactly as described. They were not fluffy at all but had
the consistency and tasted like scrambled eggs.

Kent Altena says:

@librangirl1 I would think that would be fine, or you could make them and
reheat the next day as well.

Nhan Hau To Tran says:

Can I replace Atkin baking mix with psyllium husk?

Kent Altena says:

No I haven’t. What’s in them?

peggy2002z says:

can you tell me the brand name you use for peanut butter since all i can
find has sugar. What is :wonder: and where can I but low card items in
grocery store

Carol Davidson says:

These are great, any chance you could look into getting your books up to

Dominic Florio says:

I actually like almond & coconut flour as an alternative, to avoid the soy.
I use all of the rest of the ingredients. Now you can order sucrolose
powder on Amazon and mix it at home to make liquid Splenda. You could use
sour cream also. One thing that I enjoy, and I have seen this with reg
pancakes, is to add some orange zest.

tanya s says:

Haven’t seen any new videos. You still around??

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