Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Peanut Butter Fudge

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I wanted to do a new low carb video to welcome in the new year. These were a big hit at all my holiday family functions even with my non-low carbing family members. Most never new they were eating low carb fudge. The original recipe can be found here: 1/2 cup unsalted butter 1/2 cup Natural Peanut Butter 2 ounces softened cream cheese 1 cup Splenda 2/3 cup Vanilla Whey protein powder * Microwave the butter and peanut butter on HIGH for 1 minutes; mix thoroughly. * Mix in the cream chees * Add the Splenda and the whey protein powder until well combined. * Line a 8 x 8″ baking pan with nonstick foil. Spread the fudge and press out with another nonstick piece of foil or plastic wrap. * Chill for one hour. Makes around 20 pieces. Nutritional Info: Per Piece – 95.7 Calories, 8.55g of Fat (4g Sat), 3.5g of Protein, 2.3g Carbs (1.9g Net Carbs)
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SAM-e says:


Hey I thought you possibly condone my guide…

bowulf says:

@xXDylanXx13 Yeah, the recipe won’t without it, but you could use chocolate flavor too.

anotherjoe50 says:

My favorite new comfort food! I slipped a few to unwitting non-Atkins friends and they loved them too. Tips: I used crunchy peanut butter. Also, I use plastic wrap instead of non-stick aluminum and it works fine. Do NOT use salted butter or peanut butter… way too salty.

bernlin2000 says:

@bowulf Yeah, but its molasses, and it really helps to bind the peanut butter together nicely. I can’t stand having to stir up all-natural peanut butter.

TheAshbrittany says:

I was wondering if this is induction friendly. I’m getting ready to start induction and was getting some good recipes together before I begin to make the transition easier. Thanks so much for your videos and you look terrific!!!

bowulf says:

@TheAshbrittany No this one is not Induction Friendly as peanut butter is not on the acceptable foods list. My Induction Friendly recipes are marked with (IF) at the end of their title. That should help you rapidly find Induction Friendly recipes that I have posted here on YOutube.

throwryukens says:


whatpplreallydo says:

Thanks! Sometimes I don’t believe how big I’ve gotten.

bowulf says:

@whatpplreallydo I had the same reaction when I finally hit bottom too. I couldn’t believe how far I let myself go.

whatpplreallydo says:

@bowulf I got up to probably 400 lbs and it still didnt completely kick in my head that things needed to change. Now that my knees and back are giving out BIG TIME!!! I’m on Atkins again and I weigh 298! I have so fR TO GO, BUT iM proud of myself and aint givin up!

bowulf says:

@whatpplreallydo You can do this!

lilnixy says:

lol. just throw in a shitload of fat instead…

bowulf says:

@lilnixy Show more angst why don’t you…

Stacey353 says:

Yummm that looks soo good!! I have to try this!

Stacey353 says:

Do you have to use the protein powder?

bowulf says:

@Stacey353 Yes, it is what gives the fudge it’s flavor. Otherwise it would be just peanut butter bricks, which might be nice but is not fudge.

Stacey353 says:

I just made this and OMG it’s delicious!!!! Thanks Ken!

bowulf says:

@Stacey353 I am glad you liked it. Stay tuned for the video I am uploading tonight because if you liked this one, you’ll love that one. 😀

bowulf says:

@Stacey353 I am glad you liked it. If you liked this one though, stay tuned for the video I am uploading tonight. It is even better. 😀

MIpologirl says:

I am not sure if this was already answered, I was looking through some previous posts, do you have a carb count for these? Thanks!!

bowulf says:

@MIpologirl If you want the nutrition info for my recipes, you need to expand the video description. (Click “Show More”) Here is the information from this video’s description:

“Makes around 20 pieces.
Nutritional Info Per Piece – 95.7 Calories, 8.55g of Fat (4g Sat), 3.5g of Protein, 2.3g Carbs (1.9g Net Carbs)”

sheiladingus says:

I opened an account just so i could comment on your videos..i watch them all the time..I was 450 almost and have lost over 130….and that was the old fashion adkin diet about three years ago andi had no idea of all the goodness we can have now…I love your sight….i went off the diet for a few months and gained 40 back…grr…but i have been back on it and i just wanted you to know that because of your recipes i think i will looose more and not be so myserable doing it..thanks you..

bowulf says:

@sheiladingus Thanks for those words of encouragement Sheila. Having lose the 130 pounds, you know you can be successful, and if I can make it that more enjoyable this time or at least open your creativity to what is possible, I am happy. Having these options I think is what made this less of a burden for me as almost any cuisine is possible from Italian to Chinese to Mexican to even European. Just keep me up to date on your progress, and if you have any requests, let me know.

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