Avoid loose skin after weight loss!

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Avoid loose skin after weight loss!

Tips on how to avoid being skinny fat and having that loose layer of skin after losing weight! Here are a couple of suggested 3 day a week workouts. http://w…


leon jones says:

So I can’t really understand the protein take in… I’m 6’4 and 278 how
much am I supposed to weight and how much do I need to consume?

Sra Torres says:

At what point do you start lifting weights?

K S says:

This would be accurate for a man or aspiring female body builder. A women
who loses a good amount of weight isn’t going to fill let’s say an inch or
two of lose skin with muscle, especially a woman who may already have a
problem with broad shoulders or wants a thigh gap or just doesn’t want to
look bulky. A small amount of weight loss with a little lose skin would be

Alyssa Amaro says:

Damn you are fine

Haris Sakanovic says:

are you on roids? you look like you are developing boobs. Not trying to be
a dick just saying you have too much roundness in your pecks. You need to
tone them out more. 

Scott Brodeur says:

Excellent I was 410 Pounds however I lost 240 pounds in 6 months. Because I
learned how to trick my metabolism. Eating 6 small meals a day, cut the
sugar and soda. Water is the key to weight loss. 70% of your body is water.
So get use to it my friends. I hate to be rude, however this is the only
way I can get it through your head that you need to drink water to lose
weight. When I was teaching my weight loss class, the first thing out of my
mouth was how many here hates drinking WATER, just about the whole class
raised there hands. Well let me give you the skinny, if you don’t drink
water and you lose that weight you will have sagging nasty skin hanging
from your body. If you can ‘t do that please leave my class now, or stay
and learn how I loss pounds in 6 months all natural, and yes lots of

oEnder0 says:

TL;DR: Exercise keeps muscle and will help prevent skin from sagging too
much (as long as you’re already pretty thin)

matteo salamanca says:

a whole packet of penis

cody holliday says:

lol he needs to do incline more looks like he has boobs 

melissa ames says:

Great tips, I personally have a lot of weight to loose and that is my
biggest fear is to have tons of loose skin, my trainer suggested that i
become a power lifter. All my fat is concentrated in the viseral fat (belly
&chest) I will continue with my cardio and make sure i push on my off days
to do my weight training. Wish me luck, i don’t want to ever turn back, I’m
at the highest weight ever and never want to be here again. Melissa

Janieski says:

Does your advice to excess skin relate to weight loss surgery loss too?,
great video by the way, very well articulated :)

bluraymex23 says:

Great video thanks for the tips this is going to sound weird in the video
your nipples are not level you’re right one is way higher than your left

denti5687 says:

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Courtney Cross says:

Am I the only one who thinks this guy is a dick? Someone with loose skin is
going to look at your videos for TIPS, not to be made to feel like they are
“unpleasant” to look at. I think you could have phrased it just a little
bit nicer.

Neightlive says:

I’m 5’8 if I weighted 140 I would look like I was about to die.

FrancescaMillie says:

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*what it promised!They have this Symulast which*
*they called that can actually gets rid of cellulite.*
*It worked for me in just 25days.*

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