Basic Bounce cardiovascular exercise on a mini trampoline

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Each day you’ll learn 1 of the 31 different exercises to do on an Urban Rebounding mini-trampoline. The challenge is – can you do ALL the exercises and build… *Injury disclaimer: N…


rappbulle says:

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mskcouric says:

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MrDepraved1369 says:

Yeah right. 

katsparda says:

Just watching this video makes me feel fat.

Raj Kushwah says:

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huhn15 says:

I’m fucking dead, but I feel so proud!!!!

Rosenbergerokw938 says:

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Farhan eka febriyanto says:

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afsaldurranihotmail says:

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jinnygoaty says:

Can’t rise my leg like that ._.

Kendra Zee says:

This workout hit the spot! Like doing this before or after hitting the weights. Thanks Melissa for the free workouts 🙂

MissUniversal1000 says:

OMG! I was really sweating after doing this workout this will help me burn this damn fat away before summer Thank you so much!

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