Before and After Pics 80 Day Weight Loss Transformation – Motivational

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It’s been a long road to slim but this is just the beginning. I have lost almost 50 pounds so far in about 80 days. A lot of sweat and painful workouts with injury and sacrifice of a lot of things I used to love has brought me here… my before and after pics are very different and I am very please with my results thus far. I am happy with my results of my weight loss transformation so far. I would recommend the carb cycling diet program I used to anyone over the Atkins diet simply because if you aren’t eating carbs at all, it is very difficult to work out. I learned this during week 1 and needed to change up my diet to go with my workout routine and schedule. It’s amazing how you can eat every two hours and lose weight faster and healthier than not eating much at all because your metabolism actually burns fat constantly and stays out of fat-storing mode when you eat small meals within no more than 3 hours apart. I tried 3 different workout routines and I must say that the showtime plan made me work the hardest and probably burned the most fat. So it would have to be my favorite… more intense and I like that.

I am definitely not done here. I still have a goal to be ripped by this summer so I still need to lose about 20 more pounds of fat and pack on about 10 to 15 pounds of muscle. I would like my body fat percentage to be down to around 12 %. Right now, it’s at around 22.

So look forward to more updates at the gym and at home. I thank everyone for your support, subscriptions, comments, likes, and advice. Let’s keep going!

I really hope this will motivate anyone watching. Please share this vid with others in hopes to inspire them just as I’ve been inspired and motivated from watching similar transformations when I really needed the emotional and motivational boost to keep going.

Thank You!!!!!!
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Before and After Weight Loss Photos | Onna's Little Blog

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


Steve Gero says:

u r so beautiful onna :)

Bonnie Elizabeth Parker says:

You look like Megan Fox! Sooooo much! 🙂 beautiful <3

Jariana Becky says:

you’re so gorgeous :*

liv malik says:

you’re beautiful onna ♡ 

Jess Ratcliffe says:

Don’t ever give up, because look what you can do!your beautiful <3

Kiera Grant says:

Beautiful and brave lady!! xxx

Kelly Marshall says:

wow.. I remember when you did blogtv….

xxgemaxxkxx says:

Fab I love this you look amazing. Thinspo xx

cellardoor238 says:

you are insanely gorgeous and you look like megan fox :)

Jess Ratcliffe says:

Dont*. <3*

sean vincent says:

You are so beautiful. Congratulations on your weight-loss achievement. I’m
5 foot 8 and weigh 13.8 stone and should be 10 stone :// …really
desperate to lose his dominos weight i hate dominos now! Any tips are
welcomed :)) and once again you’re gawjus 🙂 shout out from southampton x

lily Perez says:

you are way too gorgeous!

Gabriela A. says:

You look like Megan Fox :o

Yokai Fuzen says:

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google Ready Set Ripped to find out more.

trixia basarte says:

i thought i was the only one that thought she kinda looks like megan fox

jtwiztidbagz says:


Kirsten M says:

I love the hilariously jealous expression on the other woman’s face at 1:34

Ruby Zambrano says:

How did you lose the weight. I’ve been trying and I’ve failed. Every time I
try I become unmotivated within a month. How did you keep going? 

mar222iah says:


mmay Td says:

are the green beans canned or fresh

Grand Ambition says:

Great job man! You are really a motivation! Thanks for the vid!

83AndyDburn19 says:

This video is a lot better then just watching photos 

IVAN resto says:

really motivational….

Patrick Gonzalez says:

Good for you man keep up the work 

Yasin Shariff says:

We’ll done, much needed inspiration

Hitman X says:

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yu mi be ach says:

Man, you killed it!! Good job!!!

kukac154 says:

I have just one question: what about alcohol during weight loss?
Thank you in anticipation :)

xixAbuDistxix Blair-Elijah-Thibeault says:

great progress but like u said it’s only the beginning. 

TheOriginalBleachX says:

Good for you but man, I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself because you have
horrible form in your lifting style. :)

jawad mahsud says:


mnanaukk dz says:

Good job man

Daniel Oliva says:

If i could have you as my trainer i would say yes no regrets about it,
really motivational.

jackbl64 says:

great job man

Jay Hyder says:

I love it!! Great job!!

Parshuram Khadka says:

It would be a shame for you not to get ripped when other normal people
accomplish it so easily using Ready Set Ripped (Google it).

mnanaukk dz says:

What’s the song at the end please!!!!!!!!!!!


What did you do with the baby that was in your belly?

Road2Slim says:

It’s been a minute since I’ve commented on this video.. but THANKS EVERYONE
for the awesome comments!! I wanted to let everyone know that I’m in the
process of putting together a step by step program for anyone who’s
interested in getting in shape using the exact same methods I did and am
still doing. It’s gonna be awesome! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again!!

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