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Eric Edmeades informs us that the majority of people who experience weight loss, also follow healthy diets that involve ongoing hydration and nourishment to the body.

In order to achieve your weight loss transformation, you need to increase the amount of nutrition-rich food you eat and the amount of water you drink on a daily basis.

No matter how much your exercise, if you’re body is malnourished, you’re doing more harm than good. When you miss out on a huge chunk of nutrition that your body requires to exert itself physically, it will make losing weight a difficult task.

In this video, “Before You Exercise, Watch This!” Eric Edmeades talks about the importance of knowing the proper nutrition facts that are related to your health.

01:00 Why body takes energy?

Not only does exercising with a malnourished body won’t help you lose weight, but it can strain your immune system and lead to underlying health issues.

After watching this video, you might be thinking, “Well, I’ve got my multivitamins and protein shakes, so I must be fine.”

But your body doesn’t absorb pills and supplements nearly as fast as you think. Exercise for beginners shouldn’t be something you have to push yourself to do.

When your body is well nourished and hydrated, your body will know that it’s safe to exercise because you’ll feel the surge of energy. That’s how you create optimal health and fitness for longevity of life.

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Eric Edmeades is an entrepreneur and international motivational speaker best known for his health and fitness program, WildFit. This program has worked with thousands of people in over 20 countries to create massive changes in the physical body — from losing persistent fat, maintaining a strong level of fitness, and toning up the body.

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