Beginner Power Yoga Class Weight Loss Abs Hatha Full length

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AK39 Beginner to Experienced Beginner Level class Music by My apologies for the bad sound. BEGINNER LEVEL, PLANKS, CORE WOR…


Cynthia Li says:

Love your Yoga, I do it every morning. Thank you so much for your sharing!

Buzzy Bee says:

Thanks for a very healthy, relaxing experience <3

Alex Feliciano says:

Amazing video. I do at least one of your yoga videos a day. Thanks!

Celine Bouillon says:

thanks for the session, it’s great!

adam dressler says:

this is a good one, too!

NoMatterWhatBand says:


jagsir singla says:

outstanding i looooove you

Sunil P says:

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powders, pills, or potions. Just google Skinnimaker System to find out

jose antonio salinas vega says:

Very nice practice, you make me sweat, i enjoyed a lot, namaste.

Antonio Martinez says:

Ali oh thank you for the videos i love it, you’re a great teacher, i have 3
weeks follow your class and i really feel amazing. att Miriam :)

Sandra Tsai says:

I love your videos!!!!

Coralines Ghost says:

i have been looking through so many videos on Youtube in search for att
good yoga instructor for me, and I´m glad to say that I have finally found
her. Your videos are great. :)

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