Benefits of Oolong Tea and Pu erh tea in a weight loss Program using slimming tea.

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Most of the information available on the web, about the health and weight loss benefits, of most types of weight loss products, are far from scientific. But tea on the other hand has been subject to a lot of scientific research and scrutiny. This is because tea has been something most people drink all the time, and verifying the health claims in a laboratory became important.
About 2,500 years ago, tea was first discovered in India. It then travelled to China and Japan and parts of Southeast Asia, Africa and South Amercia, where they are grown and brewed. All the different varieties of tea comes from a plant called Camellia Sinensis. This includes oolong tea, green tea, white or black tea. The only difference between the tea varieties is how they are processed. People who have been drinking these teas for a long period of time, would have witnessed the major health and weight loss benefits that tea offers in general, without consciously realizing it. Now the oolong tea vs Green tea debate focuses on which is the better type of tea for weight loss between these two varieties.

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