Best ebook Keto in 28: The Ultimate Low-Carb, High-Fat Weight-Loss Solution For Kindle

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Everything you need to adopt and enjoy a ketogenic diet. Tired of struggling with weight loss? Author Michelle Hogan knows how you feel. Following her firsthand success with the keto diet, she shares her knowledge in Keto in 28. This comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide shows you how to make lasting changes-with big results-over the course of 28 days. Learn how to transition, and commit, to a keto lifestyle, with: A practical 28-day meal plan that cuts carbs, curbs sugar cravings, and encourages creative ways to indulge in flavorful foods In-depth nutrition information and detailed recipes that highlight macronutrient ratios A customizable keto menu plus tips on stocking your kitchen with go-to staples Transform what you eat, how you eat, and the way you think about food by enjoying the benefits of a ketogenic diet.”

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