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Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) November 15, 2013

When women develop hair or skin care concerns, they often begin addressing them by using over-the-counter topical products. In some cases, these formulas are adequate for dealing with problems on their own, but often, women wish that results would become visible faster or that products were more effective. The latest article by, Best Ways to Boost your Topicals, discusses tools that can be used to increase the efficacy of topical products.

While the ingredients in a topical skin care product affect its overall effectiveness, absorption rates are equally important in determining how well a product works. Why does the absorption rate of a skin care product matter? Is there any way to boost the absorption of formulas? If so, how can this be done, and what tools can be used to help?

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Using topical treatments to address skin imperfections is sometimes not enough to produce results. Often times, making changes to how the complexion is cleansed can boost the performance of these topicals. How can women change their cleansing routines to boost their topicals? Are there tools designed for this purpose? If so, how do they work, and what evidence supports their use?

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Hair loss impacts the lives of 30 million women in the United States. Often, ladies grow impatient waiting for results from topical solutions. Is there a way to promote hair growth beyond topical products? If so, how does it work? What tool is best for women who are concerned about thinning hair?

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Beauty tools for the scalp and complexion require more of an investment than traditional topical products, and the decision to purchase one is something that women must carefully consider. What are some telltale signs that a beauty tool is needed as a part of a hair or skin care regimen? How can women know if a beauty tool is right for them? In what ways do the costs of beauty tools compare to clinical treatments?

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