Beyonce Weight Loss from Baby Weight: ‘Single Ladies’ Singer on Life After Blue Ivy’s Birth

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Beyonce Weight Loss from Baby Weight: 'Single Ladies' Singer on Life After Blue Ivy's Birth

Singer says a low-calorie diet and dancing helped with losing the weight she gained while pregnant. For more on this story, click here:…
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Jenny Garcia says:

57 pounds…yea very realistic..any mother knows theres no way you gain
that much during pregnancy

marcusfavaunt says:

If u hate beyonce y type in her name watch video just to say u hate her or
she fake wow …..

kimbella029 says:

Beyonce is such an inspiration, a wonderful human being, & so stunningly
beautiful. This women does reign supreme and everyone knows so. All of
Bey’s haters whether your in the same type of industry as her or a reg. joe
erm.. stay mad!! & Bow down b*tchz!! Commentators who despise her or don’t
like her music, don’t come around!! Its as simple as that.

Sydney Johnson says:

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rkrausj says:

How to loose baby weight: pay a surrogate to carry your child. No
judgement. Just tell the truth. Who cares?

Mike Robinson says:

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Taylor Phoenix says:

no both way its gonna take allot of hard work

dave adam says:

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Egor Tistyuk says:

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hslot4 says:

Hey beyonce look they lost weight too /watch?v=sNUkPxV5aJ8

Taylor Phoenix says:


tiana says:

I think the real problem of why most men and women dont like beyonce is
because their not fucking her

krissyma94 says:

Oh please where’s the before & after?? She was never pregnant I believe

Tom Gianni says:

I’m 265 lbs. I know, damn. Come join my journey! The channel is

12011alicia says:

She was never pregnant

almas hossain says:

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Emma Frost says:

Bey is great if she doesn’t motivate fatties to work out then I don’t know
what will.

Jake Miles says:

her body is so amazing 

Frances M. Hunt says:

There’s no way to burn fat in safety with out exercise properly and manage
the eating plan. Pills and drugs include unsafe side effects.

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