Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson Weight Loss Scandal GMA Good Morning America VIDEO

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‘Rachel Frederickson’ Biggest Loser winner Rachel Frederickson Weight Loss ‘biggest loser winner Rachel Frederickson’ Scandal GMA Good Morning America VIDEO …


Lizzy Donovan says:

she is alittle too skinny… but not much

Kimberly Holmes says:

Very unhealthy

Shaila Holloway says:

no. too skinny for sure. they should say that more then 2 lbs is unhealthy
for all of them.

hana Foster says:

this isn’t healthy

aida pinero says:

She looks amazing!

md minto says:

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google)? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate got
excellent results with it. 

McKayla Medina says:

She starved herself. duh….

Nick s says:

All of the obese slobs who like to call themselves “curvy” are always the
first ones to go on tirades when any heavy person is criticized in any way.
They get mad that there arent more fat models, etc. Yet are the very
first to line up and call every girl anorexic or say they look bad when
theyre not fat. Are you promoting positive body image or are you just
trying to glorify yourself and justify your own overeating?

superspinyful says:

This is so sad

Ian Smith says:

She lost a lot of weight what the fuck is the problem

Chalron Bjork says:

The winner of The Biggest Loser is the person who has lost the most weight
– not the person who looks the best. Leave her alone guys, she won the
competition, is $250000 better off than the rest of us, and since the show
has put on weight so she is within BMI range. She did what she had to to
get the money – I would have done the same if I were in her position 

Golden Boss says:

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google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my cooworker got
great results with it.

Josie Blink says:

You’d think working out to lose weight would have her gain some pounds from
the muscles. She looks starved as hell.

Joe Marra says:

if you think losing a lot a weight at a rapid pace is bad, go watch the
movie fat sick and nearly dead and shut up

Minahli x says:

She looks GREAT!!!! Honestly who are we to tell her she lost too much? She
knew when she had GAINED too much and was unhealthy. Thats why she took the
initiative to lose it. And she did it!!!! I’m sure she’ll realize if she’s
lost too much weight and was unhealthy again. She’ll do what she needs to
again just like she did when losing all that weight!! Very happy for her!!
Its her body, she’ll know if she feels healthy or not.

In my case, I’m very overweight and have been gaining weight since 8th
grade (I’m 22 now)… I never really got to see my body, as a woman, curves
and all. All i see is flab. For majority of my life I’ve called myself
“overweight”, I’d like to call myself “underweight” for once! My goal is to
lose weight and be just SLIGHTLY underweight, just to see what it feels
like 🙂 and then gain back a few pounds to a healthy weight. 

Gondzaman says:

way too skinny and unhealthy…

Echo Republic Productions says:

she weighs less than me and im 12

Alex Jones says:

leave her alone. she did it.. She Won!!!

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