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A look into the Blood type O diet in a Nutshell. I list Highly beneficial & Avoid foods for blood type O, starting with meat.

I also explain where the information came from. I love this diet above all others, and like all diets, exercise should be included as a daily/weekly routine.

I hope you have great health for life, and live happy.


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Carolyn Webb says:

lol, thats a hard one for me to avoid myself. I like it raw, cooked,
smoked(fav), fried in a nugget, or in a can . . . oh well, I traded it for
sweet potato, it is now my favorite side dish. good luck

BMO says:

What about beer? does the fall under liquor?

StylishMarketing says:

Guys this way of eating has help me so much in losing weight, and in the
healthiest way. I hope you all give it a try, and let me hear your story.
Good Luck All

Lion says:

No poultry?

Mitchell Houp says:

I’m o+ and half my favorite food is bad for me.

Noé Rafael Salinas says:

Para los que somos sangre tipo “O”.


I would also like to add that if you are a type O and have intestinal
issues you should in addition to your blood type diet, eat foods that are
low inflammatory and alkaline.

Robert Farquhar says:

Lame im o negative I eat what ever I fucking what and I don’t get fat at
all lmfao I have some muscle to me but i’m not fucking obese. I think this
whole blood type diet shit is bullshit. I don’t eat alot of sugars at all
though I hardly ever eat ice cream oh no that must be because of my blood
type huh? Holy shit and I eat cat fish alot and I stay fit I have a high
metabolism and I eat corn all the damn time too I really don’t understand
haha im just gonna laugh at all the fuck tards who believe this bullshit. 

erra whoo says:

oranges? T.T

Kody Remer says:

I love my corn. You may not taketh away the cob.

Karen Rose says:

Thank you for such a concise and clear explanation of what foods are
beneficial and which to avoid.

Rom Bernabe Miraflor says:

nice useful information

Andy Valdez says:

I will DIE before I ever give up avocado from my life!!!

Ramiel says:

Ok as long I can eat steak I am A OK! whohoo!

Karen Rose says:

Thought I should add…I have been a strict Vegan for 2 years hoping to
turn my Lupus around. Instead I have gained 20 pounds and am always
thinking about eating more carbs. My cholesterol and lipids have all shot
up. I always felt better when I ate protein in the form of meat/ fish. Now
I understand why. Went to the store and bought beef for the first time in 2

tocamelaconga says:

What about beans? Never mind… I just Googled. Apparently, I cannot have
kidney beans or lentils W . . . TH!

ashwadhwani says:

no mention of research or scientific sources?

MegaMusical10 says:

I been eating & drinking all the wrong stuff, who knew!

Alexis Ellis says:

everything I love and thought was good for me is in the avoid category. joy

Fae Aisa says:

Yay I can eat stuff I love though I’m still having health problems. Is
there a blood type exercise for o positive? Wait what alcoholic drinks are
liquor? I love rum and light sweet beer. No coffee sucks too because it
helps me stay up on late gaming nights.

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