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Part 2: I lost 7 kg’s in 3 months last year! In this video I share 5 tips to help you to control your portions so…


MsLyricPanda says:

If you are vegetarian a good source of collagen to put in a broth could be
garlic, dark green leafy vegetables and red vegetables! ^^

Jared Lee says:

i am from Singapore, which is in asia but i think your title is very very
stupid.there is no such thing as an asian diet. its just called a diet.

Victoria Hunter says:

You remind me of a Japanese version of my friend. Tiny and cute

April Liao says:

I really enjoyed this thank you!!

lily vandenheever says:

are you chinese?

Jasmine Lolo says:

no! talk more please >.<

met AMORE phosis says:

Genius wwwengie! 🙂

Hel Angel says:

omg the first sec i say you i allready love you ieee 🙂

addyshih says:

Your voice is so cute!

Hallon Kitty says:

These are very smart and useful tips. Thanks Wengie for your hard work
making this video for us 🙂 !

Putri Kartika Sinaga says:

i don’t know why but i love you accent

TheAbStand says:

Really great nutritional tips – staying on track with what one eats is so
crucial for somebody who is trying to lose weight.

Petit Orenji says:

Asian families tend to live together longer so they can cook family meals
and tell each other when to stop eating. There’s a comfort zone and less
loneliness-related anxiety and depression, which leads to weight gain. Jap
schools also give their students a whole lot more activity than western
schools, like cleaning up the classrooms and restrooms. Plus, kids
walk/bike to school, since it’s safe. Healthy kids = more possibility of
being healthy adults. it’s really a win-win situation for Jp.

Inês Montgomery says:

You are my favorite youtuber ever!!

anijanka says:

what can you eat with collagene when you’re a vegeterian?

Karen Filmakecup says:

what video editor do you use?

africanqueen555 says:

OMG Just give me a PEPSI please Drink more tea?

Heena Adil says:

How old are you?

Brallectra Imani says:

I put rice in my soup and eat it.

Anton H Andersson says:

You must be cutting? I eat like 3200-3500 calories

Edna C. G. says:

Great video. Like to see the varieties and combos…..Sometimes food gets
Thanks and love to watch your Videos

Sour Shin says:

Sooo you believe in meal timing and frequency?

Idaly Hernandez says:

That is alot of food!:0

ThisIsMatt4 says:

i’ll definitely have to try putting yogurt on my oatmeal :)

esco900k says:

Hey how did u get ur fitness pal to say Meal 1,2,3… Mine only gives me
the option for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack. I’m using an iphone. ?..

Optimator7 says:

More videos like this!

mafiaps31 says:

Gettin in that much calories day can be a challenge, i usually get
2000-2600 a day

aman kandola says:

you drink whey to much protein shakes.

Ashley Kissane says:

that chicken and asparagus!! NOM! if only asparagus was cheap :(

Karim Williams says:

So you make four meals per day?

Cameron Gerber says:

Awesome vid man really enjoyed it keep em coming

crazycarad14 says:

good video but put more personality into it, and what you are doing during
the day

17MXT says:

Michael,you really made some good gainzzz.

theeKiersten says:

I eat like half of your calorie budget lol

JayOneAlumni says:

Hey I never got your email. TO hear what I have done you can just google
Jimba Frosty and listen to the work thats currently out there

Garr3tt76 says:

Make a part 2! If there isn’t already one, this gave me alot of good ideas
for snacks and meals. Thanks Michael!

Audrey Quezada says:

I loved this, cause it helps to show what a more experienced person does, i
have been slacking hard on my MYFITNESS PALL so ill make sure Ill kick
start that back up tom.

Tuan Pham says:

Do you microwave the oatmeal?

958409850a says:

he doesnt eat a lot of calorie dense foods that’s why he’s able to squeeze
in more meals. if he ate 6 poptarts that’s already 1200 cals

AverageAesthetics says:

Michael, try making your coffee then letting it cool a bit and add it to
the protein instead of water. Or you could just add 2 scoops instant
coffee to the protonz

T.M. Samuels says:

yoo what type of pop-tart was that??? I don’t think I’ve ever seen that one

OGMizen says:

LOL Where d’you get your carbs brahh? and how do you live off of such small
amounts of food? 

Rami Sako says:


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