Bodybuilding Meal Preparation for a 7 Day Trip – Matt Versus 55

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Francis Paralejas says:

What’s your regular daily meal

baby cubeo says:

oh my…i haven’t a pack noodle to eat every day, your meal very expensive

Ginrummy25 says:

Those meals are gonna be Fukin gross 

James Way says:

so fucking gay

Brian D'Ambrosio says:

hey man excellent video, always looking for meal prep ideas, different meal
Thumbs up!
Hard work always pays off

Barky Von Schnauzer says:

This chuckle-fuck has an ego so high that not even David Attenborough can
quite describe it. Who the fuck farts in the middle of a video and then
posts it? Makes you think this guys ego is so high he doesn’t give a shit
about basic manners. He has a really punch-able face as well… uhhhhg!!! 

Gaz Goodall says:


Ely Chavez says:

so many hateful and negative people. Just plain pitiful. Get a fuckin life.

Gabe Del says:

Nice body man, how many years of training does it take to reach that body?

Austin ryan says:

i think the question everyone wants to know is how do u prepare ur gear for
a trip

Cusco Perv says:

u have a burger face

Aurelio Balderas says:

Steroid stomach

boxxer221 says:

6:15 GH GUT

George Clark says:

fart at 4:01? really? edit that out man…….lol

Novembre Pleut says:

my first official ogus ‘miring vid

orfeas pergolas says:

Get a LIFE idiot!. Wtf even the onion that you eat is pre-packed idiot!

Airam Legnar says:

What app did you say you used couldn’t understand 


matt is a faggot he loves big black cocks

talash k says:

come on bro give it a break, be generous and share out your food with the
those who are hungry

MegaHard0n says:


JikaInFamous says:

So hes going to so-cal but not dining in some of the best places? your not
living your life man. 

Tyler Durden says:

I can smell the roids dripping off your ass cheeks faggot.

Harry Nelson says:

I love your hat

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