BodyRipped Reveals How to Add Intensity to Your Bodyweight Workouts

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(PRWEB) September 30, 2013

Can body weight training create the feeling of being challenged or create that intense feeling generated by a powerful workout? If not then its time to examine at what can be done to step up the intensity of the workout and see faster results.

Just like with a traditional weight lifting workout program, there is always something more which can be done to advance progress and strength levels in order to avoid the dreaded plateau and boredom which can cause program avoidance.

Kyla Gagnon of BodyRipped says, “It is slightly more challenging to keep bodyweight exercises progressing onwards as you will not be able to simply add more and more weight like you would with regular weight lifting movements. Typically this is achieved by adding exercises which are far more challenging then just the basics.”

An increase the intensity of bodyweight training can improve and accelerate your results.

The very first way to up the intensity of bodyweight workouts is to decrease the amount of rest taken between sets.

“Forcing your body to perform more work in less time will always require a higher level of effort from you, therefore increasing your fitness capability.”

As an added benefit, if you start structuring your workout more as a circuit training approach, youll actually receive good cardiovascular benefits from it as well as the strengthening benefits that bodyweight exercises provide.

“Just be sure that you are never letting yourself sacrifice good form for shorter rest periods however as that will only land you injured,” Kyla states.

Gagnon has focused her BodyRipped site primarily toward bodyweight training with a high level of intensity using interval training.

Gagnon continues on to say, “The next way to increase the intensity of your bodyweight exercises is to decrease your overall base of support. For instance, if youre performing bodyweight squats, shift over to single leg squats.”

“Since you have less support underneath you, not only does this stimulate your core to a far greater extent, but now since youre balancing your entire body weight on just a single leg, the strengthening benefits go through the roof.”

Likewise, shifting from a regular push-up to a one-arm push-up will also significantly increase the intensity and make everything far more challenging.

Moving along, consider incorporating an exercise ball into the mix. Exercise balls are a great way to add more core muscle activation when going about regular strength training movements.

“For instance, when performing push-ups, place the feet or hands (for a real challenge!) up on the exercise ball as you go about the push-up movement pattern.”

“You will immediately feel a difference in how significantly this is going to target your abs as you do the exercise.”

“Likewise, for any sit-ups or lying leg raises youre doing, incorporate the ball in as well.”

“Or, when doing tricep dips, place the feet up on an exercise ball as you go about the movement pattern.”

“As you can see, there are a number of different ways that you can use an exercise ball in a bodyweight training workout program,” she says.

Bodyweight workouts have become an absolute staple within the fitness and health community. People tend to move away from them from a lack of understanding about how to increase intensity. Bikini Model and Fitness Trainer Kyla Gagnon has outlined some very effective ways to keep it intense and maximize results all of which you can see at

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