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I started a similar workout and diet to Brad Pitt’s Fight Club diet. *I have only just begun and have lots of work to do. *I made this video to give other p…
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Matt Rosebrough says:

Hey sorry for commenting again but I want to ask you some questions. First
off I just added 60 mins of cardio on the bike combined with my lifting.
The question I wanna ask is will this plus eating healthy help my body fat
get down more. I was just really wondering because I’m around 10% and I’m
getting really frustrated. If you could please comment with any tips of
getting my body fat down that would be great. And good video by the way

Bryan Le says:

One would guess at 6 feet and only 158 you would look mighty thin, but you
actually look pretty good/fit at 158……you look great at 158, but if I
were you I’d rather be somewhere around 165….cause you’re tall.

zstiegler says:

What is the name of the song? It doesn’t match the one posted under the
‘About’ tab. I tried Shazzaming it and still got nothing. 

Matt Rosebrough says:

Are almonds and peanut butter fine for fats? Also do I have to calorie
deficit to get my body fat down

crapObear2323 says:

Any high protein, low calorie foods you recommend?

Matt rose says:

I’m 16 5’7 140lb and around 9% or 10% body fat. Is there anything that
really helped you get those last few percents of body fat down?

Sal D. says:

Diet is 90%, unlike most ppl believe!

snyderkurva says:

That is Omar Rodriguez Lopez music, right?His first solo album.

i dunno says:

I’m definitely on the short end at 163cm, I’m at my optimum weigh of 50kg’s
(110 pounds). If you’re guessing, yes I’m still growing.

I worked hard the past mont and a half shaving off 22 pounds to reach where
I am, I worked out a lot and trimmed my diet to eating oatmeal for
breakfast, a tuna sand which post-work-out, fruits throughout the day, and
5 cups of water.

Despite being where I need to be for my weight, I’m exactly where you are
at the beginning of the video. I just wanna know what I should do to reach
where you are at the end of that month.

After all, gaining muscle mass and losing fat is tougher in my situation
being smaller and all.

afrocakebomb says:

hey pleasure to be able to meet you, I personally think you have the best
possible body. You didn’t over do it and you are not too skinny. You are
just right. I want that same body I weigh 59kg, 177cm tall, 16 years old
and motivated. I am just searching for advice about this: I just started
working out. The second time I went to the club was today. My arms feel
unusually sore and I can not really move them comfortably, am I doing
something wrong? Also, how long do you think it will take me to reach a
similar body? best regards laurence

ItzMaGIK says:

+Matt Rosebrough Hey, your settings must be set to where I can’t reply but
I think your diet looks good. Its definitely a high protein muscle
building diet. Its tough to argue with it because I don’t know your goals
or workout regimen but doing this diet will definitely help regardless.

Tips I can give to amp it up would be to cut back on bread (I love bread
but I noticed my best results when I cut it out), eat natural oatmeal and
peanut butter (or do almond butter instead), eliminate all white sugar, and
for your milk, try soy or rice milk instead (no cholesterol, no saturated
fat, and easier to digest with the same protein). Diet looks good though,
if you keep it consistent it should produce good results…Good Luck!

ItzMaGIK says:

+Matt Rosebrough Cardio is a must! Personally I think shorter, more
intense cardio sessions work better for fat burning. For example, sprints,
suicides, box jumps, or if you do get on the bike crank up the resistance
and go hard for only about 10 mins. Do cardio before you get into weights
or reserve a day for cardio only and do about an hours worth. If you still
have problems losing the extra few % it comes down to diet…Look up your
recommended calorie range and use the lower number, also eat as little fat,
sugar, and salt as possible. Keep in mind it takes patience…I was 10%
when I started and in this video after 1 month I was still around 8-9% but
after 3 months I was down below 5%. It takes time and consistency. 

ItzMaGIK says:

+Matt Rosebrough Yes, your body needs some fats, and nuts and seeds are
where you should get them. About a handful of almonds a day is ideal. As
far as calories go, I wouldn’t worry too much about the number. Just eat as
many low calorie, high protein foods as possible or foods with only 1
ingredient and it should leave you on the low end of your daily recommended
calories. Its not exactly restricting because its still within range, you
just don’t want to eat more than you need basically.

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